6 thoughts on “Ray Did It”

  1. Dennis, get out your pen and write Geoff Molson a letter.

    Make him an offer he can’t refuse.

    Tell him you’re a hard-working man and you will do anything to help the team, including doing the work of three people.

    Tell him you’re willing to be a combination flag kid, National Anthem singer AND stick boy.

    And you won’t charge him more than one salary.

    As a bonus you will also make sure the players’ wives and girlfriends are taken care of, like hobo says. No extra charge.

    Who could ask for anything more?

    Mr. Molson what are you waiting for?

    (*With apologies to Charles Prevost-Linton)

  2. Maybe they are trying to save the player’s marriages so they refuse to get Dennis? Ladies man like him, you have to watch out. Last thing we need is the player’s being worried that Mr. Smooth is making time with their ladies.

    Volunteer in Boston Dennis – especially during the playoffs. Get their minds off their game!

  3. Yes Hobo, excvellent point. This is my bonus labour – making sure the wives and girlfriends are comfortable. I’ll do it out of the goodness of my heart.

  4. Danno, I’d even sing the National Anthem as I’m skating around with the flag. I just don’t see the problem. And people would forget Roget Doucet and Mr. Prevost-Linton. Mr. Molson, the wives and girlfriends are begging you.

  5. Darth, how about I make sure the visiting team’s wives and girlfriends are comfortable? Throw the players right off their game.

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