Rated By My Wife As The World’s Worst Game Recap

This is my game recap, althought the game hasn’t even started yet.

My computer is failing rapidly, and seems like any time now, any hour, death will come calling. You wouldn’t believe how long it’s taken me to even write this. Every time I click the mouse, I have to wait five minutes.

It’s only nine months old and I need to go to plan B, which is buy a new computer tomorrow and send this away to Toshiba so they can fix it gratis because it’s less than a year old.

So this is my game recap. I saw the game, I’m pretty sure the Habs won, and my computer might also be dead by the time you read this.

Please tell me your thoughts on the game anyway.


6 thoughts on “Rated By My Wife As The World’s Worst Game Recap”

  1. Jacques Martin flipped through the pages of his note pad in an unusually vigorous manner while scribbling away with energy and intensity.

    Could you ship J-Mart off to Toshiba along with your defective computer so they could send us a replacement unit?

  2. It was depressing. We actually out-shoot someone and have a ton of PP chances and nothing. Hell, the Oilers were the ones who got the too-many-men penalty tonight.

    We also lead the league in giving up short-handed goals.

    The band-aid solution of the Pearn firing is wearing off. Sigh.

  3. With parity in the league kicking in big time now, one thing remains the largest difference between winning and losing. And that is the flexibility and the imagination of the coaching staff.

    The Mtl. coaching staff are playing their players the same exact way each and every game. The players are putting their heart and sole into each game with great energy and enthusiasm, but with the same result most nights.

    How easy does that make it for the opposition’s scouting to come up with a counter game plan to implement against us when there is no flexibility in the coaching style.

    Take one of our best players for example, Plekanic!, who is playing with Patches and Gionta on the top line getting top minutes throughout the game. Then Martin uses Plekanic killing of penalties, burning much energy. Martin again calls on him to play the right point on every power play to the point of exhaustion. After the half way point in the game last night he was no longer effective with the puck and even fell on a power play giving Edmonton a short handed goal. As a matter of fact he was on the ice for both goals against us because he was behind the play.

    This is not a players fault, it is a coaching problem. Pleks is not the only player used improperly every game. I just wanted to use him as an example of how easy it is for the opposition to key on players or parts of our game that never changes from night to night. I could go on about it including how consistent we are playing 5 on 5, never any change, we play the same defensive game in and game out. When we need an offensive push, most players are finding it very difficult to switch team play after playing 80% defensive minutes.

    Again the responsibility lies with the coaching staff in what capacity to use players for each of them and the team to be successful. And to not be so predictable with the game plan for the opposition to easily scout and counter. All teams today can be beaten by most other teams. The biggest difference in winning and losing is the coaching in today’s NHL.

    Buffalo and Edmonton’s coaching is fantastic and look at their rosters talent wise. We have just as good of a talent roster.

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