Rangers Grab Game 1

The crowd was primed, Ginette Reno belted out O Canada in stirring fashion, and the Canadiens in the first 20 minutes belted bodies and pelted 15 shots at the Rangers net while allowing just 5.

It looked like it was gonna be a rip-roaring, rootin’ tootin’ affair at the Bell Centre on Wednesday night, with the happy crowd filling Peel and Crescent St. later to celebrate the return of joyous hockey in Montreal.

But a fine and somewhat flukey backhand shot by Tanner Glass in the first, and an empty-netter as the clock wore down, and the Rangers take the always-important first game 2-0. Now fans filling the pubs in downtown Montreal must debate their team’s lack of scoring instead of high-fiving and toasting friends and strangers alike.

The Canadiens were flying in the first, energized by the building, the anthem, the atmosphere in hockey’s greatest city, and the wondrous anticipation leading up to the puck drop, but were ultimately foiled by Henrik Lundqvist and a tight and disciplined Rangers squad.

Montreal’s wings were trimmed in the second and third as the visitors stood tall in the neutral zone, were stingy in their end, and with Lundqvist on his game, they made life way too difficult for the good guys.

Yes, it was a bummer to lose the opener. Adjustments need to be made. Nikita Nesterov, awkward on defence, needs to sit. Scorers need to score. Shooters need to hit the net. Centremen need to win important faceoffs. The team has to be better in their own end.

In fact, nothing really changed from the regular season when scorers weren’t scoring, pucks missed nets, faceoffs were lost, and confusion reigned often in their own end.

Friday has to be different. Imagine going down two games before hitting Broadway. Not gonna happen is my prediction.

Random Notes:

Shots were 31 apiece.

Alexei Emelin, still healing, didn’t play, and I for one wouldn’t mind seeing the big fellow in the lineup sooner than soon. The team has to smash these bastards like they did in the first period of the opener. But for 60 minutes next time.

Last year, THE SEASON FROM HELL, saw the Canadiens score 221 times over 82 games. This season they managed 226, five more.

Last year the team allowed 236 goals, while this year it was just 200, which shows what happens when Carey Price is healthy. And last season they finished with 82 points while this season was 103 points.

A different team, a new lease on life. Expected to make a big dent in the postseason. But they’re not scoring. Not yet anyway.



12 thoughts on “Rangers Grab Game 1”

  1. S.C.O.R.I.N.G. What the hell?
    Don’t want to be alarmist but if you can’t put one, just one, in the net at home in the playoffs then there is a rot somewhere that is not going away any time soon. Price did his job. Now it’s up to the rest to do theirs. This series is going to be won on garbage goals. Knowing that, you have to shoot it at the net and get guys in front.

  2. That’s for sure, Billy. It’s been their downfall and needs to change. Missing the net constantly doesn’t help either. C’mon boys, score some friggin goals.

  3. Hey Dennis, Im not to wrried, Habs played well, lucky shot un the first and goalies both played well. Not a bug deal.buddy.

  4. Hi Derry. Yep, only one game. But adjustments need to be made. The Rangers bottled up the middle and Montreal had no real flow. But you’re right, it’s not the end of the world.

  5. I’ll keep this short, just what the f++k do they have to do to call a penalty for the shit happening to Gally!!! The whole game was wack & hack but no calls, why are the striped shirts out there for, just to take up space. Pissed from the east.

  6. It’s true, Mike. Galley puts up with a lot out there. The Rangers are a bit of a dirty team and we’ll see how the zebras work as the series goes on.

  7. We can dissect the game until the cows come home but the bottom line is this was a classic goaltenders’ duel and Lundqvist came out on top – this time. Now we know how the other teams feel when we beat them 1-0.
    Yes, adjustments are needed to kick start the scoring and I agree Emelin should be injected in the lineup. But like Price said, it’s only one game and you can’t expect to win them all. Nobody goes deep in the playoffs if they panic and start crying about one loss.

  8. We keep the faith, Danno. Just some adjustments to be made and they’ll be fine. The Rangers made it tough in the neutral zone, and their goalie was good. C’mon Friday.

  9. I was not surprised they lost. I believe they need to score the first goal MOST games to win. And that’s a huge “ask” from this collection of talent. One thing would help..tell Petry to pass up any chance to shoot from the point! He can’t hit the net..ever. LOL…OK a bit of hyperbole but sheesh..that guy drives me crazy. A little lateral movement at the blueline there Jeff and you may be able to find a lane for your shot. He seems to think the can blast it right through the defending forwards legs.

  10. Thanks Rob. You’re right, Petry misses the net way too often. Yeah, move around a bit and hit the f****** thing. Hit the net and good things happen.

  11. Just wanted to wish you all a Very Happy Easter and lets hope it’s a great Good Friday!

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