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Up and out of bed after the double melatonin wore off. I like graveyard shifts. I just wish they weren’t at night. 

Habs, after 18 games, are 12-5-1 for 25 points. Last year after 18 games they stood at 8-10 with 16 points.

No one should ever be surprised about whining from the Philadelphia Flyers. Every year they whine. It’s a fine whine. A whine that has matured over several decades, with a distinct smelly aroma that reminds a connoisseur of aging socks. The Philadelphia Flyers are the 99 cent Four Aces sherry me and the boys used to drink down by the tracks that invariably made us puke.

More on Philly whining after two more paragraphs.

My wife says Carey Price is the most handsome player in the league. But she’s not thrilled with the mustache.

Looks like I’m going to Toronto, Ottawa, and Orillia for two weeks next spring. But watching the Habs and writing about them daily is going to be tricky. But the show must go on so I’ll figure it out.

If PK Subban wasn’t cocky he wouldn’t be PK Subban, and then he wouldn’t win Rookie of the Year, or take over as blueline general with Andrei Markov out. Mike Richards and anyone else who wants to whine about PK not showing respect should please continue. In fact, we encourage it. Keep whining about PK, boys, it’s great to hear. It keeps me going in the middle of the night. And continue showing respect yourself by dishing out head shots, using sticks like axes, and crying like little babies who can’t find their mama’s teet.

10 thoughts on “Random Notes On A Random Day”

  1. Well Habs fans I think you have not 1 but 2 Superstars in the making with

    Subban and Price… makes me weep …

    The one thing I do love is pissing off the Flyers and Subban is doing it

    wonderfully ….

    Hope my Leafs beat the Devils tomorrow night to make it 2 wins in a

    row (exciting for me) and maybe make a game of it in Montreal Saturday

    night when the Leafs visit La Belle Province

  2. Dennis, tell your wife not to worry, Price’s moustache is for Movember and will likely be gone next month. http://ca.movember.com/about/

    Keep me in mind if you need to get away from your family and friends in Ottawa or need someone to go for drinks with.

  3. Dennis, tell your wife she will learn to love Carey’s moustache because he just can’t shave it off now. Not after all the luck it’s brought him. Those are the whiskers of a winner and they must remain. It’s as much a part of his equipment now as his blocker, glove and stick are.

    Delilah turned the mighty Samson into a weakling by cutting his long flowing locks of hair. Let’s not tempt fate by messing with Price’s ‘stache.

    PK continues to amaze not only on the ice but also off the ice in his response to Mike Richards’ trash talk…


    I don’t know if this matches your travel plans, but the Habs will be playing in Ottawa on April 7th then in Toronto on April 9th.

    However they will not be playing in Orillia.

    Maybe we can all meet up and have a DK mini-summit.

  4. Danno, the dates aren’t exact yet but I was really hoping they’d be playing in Orillia at this time. How come they’re not? Anyway, we need a summit.

  5. Watched the game on replay and have to agree with Hobo’s point in the game report post below.

    Richards wants to man up with his “respect” nonsense. Yes PK and other young players should show respect to vets who are worthy of it and set an example.

    But does the captain of the league’s leading cheap shot artists not see the irony of whining about not being respected after a 3-0 shutout when blatant efforts at bullying when the game was going away from them didn’t work?

    O’Donnell skating up behind Subban who was locked in a “discussion “ and pulling him over by snapping his head back says everything about the level of “respect” he and his team should command.

    You’d have a lot more respect if they said nothing and played some hockey next Tuesday.

  6. Thank you Blue Bayou, and PK and the other rookies thank you too. Now they know what to do when Masters Richards and Hartnell and those exalted figures of sport leave after performing for us.

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