Rambling Notes Regarding Habs-Minnesota and The NHL In Europe… And, THE QUEEN!

The Canadiens ended their pre-season games with a 3-0 loss to Jacques Lemaire’s quite boring Minnesota Wild. So the final tally for the Habs was six wins and three losses.


And if you think 6-3-0 is okay, you’re right. But it really doesn’t say much about the upcoming regular season. These games, of course, are all about seeing prospects, deciding on lines, and getting your act together before the going gets tough.


Don’t forget, the Vancouver Canucks now sit at six wins and no losses in pre-season play, and they’re not going to be hoisting the Stanley Cup any time soon.


Max Pacioretty and Kyle Chipchura didn’t dress, and although Pacioretty was impressive these last few weeks, he’s been sent down to Hamilton along with hard-shooting Yannick Weber. There’s just not a lot of empty spaces on the Habs roster right now.


Saku Koivu and the rest of the wounded regulars are back, except for Georges Laraque and Francis Bouillon.




I woke up after working a graveyard shift just in time for the second period to start in Stockholm between Ottawa and Pittsburgh. It was amazing. For about the first seven or eight minutes of play in this period, the building looked half-empty, with big chunks of seats sitting deserted.

Then finally, with almost half the period gone, everyone was back in their seats and it looked to be a sell-out. What if Sidney Crosby scored some kind of mind-blowing goal while all these people were still in the lobby eating their smelt sandwiches?


I guess in Sweden, fans aren’t in a big hurry to get to their seats and watch the game they paid about a hundred bucks for.


My son says it’s good to have NHL games played in Europe, if only so Europeans can see how real referees and linemen handle games. Officiating in Europe has been horrendous since Moses had peach fuzz. 




Apparently, four American teams are on the bubble as money-losing franchises that could move – Atlanta, Phoenix, Nashville, and the Florida Panthers.

Why is the NHL so hesitant to bring a struggling team back to Canada?  Winnipeg in particular.




Remember the big picture of the Queen at one end of the rink in the old Winnipeg Arena?

For those of you too young to have seen it, here it is.





7 thoughts on “Rambling Notes Regarding Habs-Minnesota and The NHL In Europe… And, THE QUEEN!”

  1. Yeah, about time reffing norms were standardized across the board and hopefully this kind of intiative will hurry the process along.

    As for the Queen, she is dignified and has carried herself well over the years in the face of relentless smarmy assaults by a minority of considerably less than respect-worthy people. It’s hard to understand why the Brits indulge in such mean-spirited royal bashing when for centuries now the Queen has been identified with the people/nation (which means they are in effect pissing on their own heads) as opposed to an land-owning aristocracy which has given way to a obscenely wealthy merchant elite (with a few exceptions) which is somewhat less than, heheh, classy. And, it’s hard to beat the current American aristocracy, ie. the Hollywood sheissmeisters for self-serving crassness. Hmm, why aren’t these self-annointed royals subject to the same slamming? Oh yeah, that’s right, they’re humble and they’re artists and they struggle with human problems… why, they’re just like you and I except they just have a `bit’ more moola and a `few’ more things, etc etc. And, after all, it is their self-assumed mandate to `mock’ others and not for them to be exposed to the same denigrating light they cast …. unless, of course, big money is to be made and the properly annointed sacrificial pseudo-victims have been properly prepped to `play their roles’. Ahhh yes, it’s all about appearances – nothing is worth anything unless it can be turned into cash.

  2. Winnipeg can’t support a team because they don’t have the corporate money there from business to buy luxury boxes.

    As for stories playing overseas, Jason York (former Sen) was talking about playing in one of those leagues. And the team’s leading goal-scorer had to wear a gold helmet and a special jersey for all the games. If someone else became the goal-scoring leader on the team, he would have to wear it for the next game.

  3. That nice modern MTS Centre in Winnipeg has plenty of corporate boxes. And the prairies are booming now, both Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and I find it hard to believe there’s not enough money to buy these boxes.

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