Radulov To Galchenyuk


Above, the Joe Louis Arena (the white building) in Detroit, taken a few months ago when I was visiting my old friends Mike and Diana Williamson in the Windsor area.

Yes, the Joe Louis Arena. Where on a Saturday night in late November, Alexander Radulov fed Alex Galchenyuk in overtime, the net bulged, and the Canadiens begin their five-game road trip with a 2-1 win over the Red Wings.

I might as well save the next sentence and just copy and paste it after every Habs win…….. Carey Price saved the day once again.

The Wings opened the scoring in the third period of a slightly dull game, but Brendan Gallagher would soon even things up, and for Habs fans, it wasn’t as dull anymore.

Gally, who hadn’t scored since Oct. 24th when he deflected a Radulov shot on the power play for the game winner against Philadelphia, hopefully now has that great big mother of a piano lifted from his back.

Random Notes:

Shea Weber was penalized in overtime for slashing but Price and the boys held the fort. Soon after, Weber came out of the box and rang one off the post. One of the more exciting moments of the night.

Charles Hudon was out, due to a fractured sternum (breastplate). These young guys. Can’t even play with a lousy fractured sternum. Hell, in my day………..

Replacing Hudon was Arturri Lehtonen, who was absolutely robbed by Wings netminder Petr Mrazek with a glove save that you’ll see for the next several weeks or months on TV.

Detroit outshot Montreal 33-24.

Next up – Tuesday in Anaheim, which means a late night for eastern time zone fans.

9 thoughts on “Radulov To Galchenyuk”

  1. I thought Mtl played a really good first period. Controlled the play, efficient in their own end and Detroit looked like they had played the night before and 3 games in 4 nights. Perhaps if Lehkonen had scored it would have really deflated Detroit but it looked like the Wings gained confidence after the first and it was a much different game the rest of the way. Rad to Gally is just so sweet you just knew the puck was going in!

  2. You know what Dennis? I’m no longer of the mindset that if it weren’t for Price….. We could say the same about Crosby, Gretzky, Orr etc. He’s ours and that’s what he brings to the table. Let’s just be proud and enjoy his talent for as long as we have him. Agree?

  3. ThT’s a great point, Moey. The Oilers, for example, might have been a much different team without Gretzky. I’d rather that they played sharper sometimes, and didn’t give up leads and all that, but hopefully that will all get tweaked as the season rolls along. They’re still way up in the penthouse, so we can’t complain too much.

  4. D-John, Radulov is an eye-opener. I didn’t expect this. And finally Galchenyuk has a linemate who can catapult Chucky into superstardom.

  5. Pretty good game by both teams overall. CP had a big impact on the outcome but both goalies played well.

    I read quite often that CP is our reason for being competitive and we shouldn’t apologize for that but if the team has only one chance to play competitive and CP is it then we don’t have much for a team. Excuse me but people who say that all teams rely on one player to get them into playoff contention are just wrong. Pittsburg and Crosby is one example many jump to….sorry but a hockey team is not one man and CP has been to the playoffs before and he has an overall losing record. Very rare do teams win by virtue of a single player over the long haul. Edmonton and Gretzky is another example of people giving all the credit to one player for the teams success. Again it isn’t a valid argument by any stretch. Edmonton has a highly skilled team in any positions. I will agree we ought to enjoy the idea that CP can give us an outside chance to go deep in the playoffs but winning it all on the strength of CP stopping a more skilled team than us over a long series is remote at best.

  6. On the other side of the coin, Cliff, the Oilers had some great players, but when Gretzky racks up more than 200 points in four different years, and almost that in a bunch of other years, you have to think that he was a major difference maker and the team without him would have been closer to the rest of the pack.

  7. Dennis I agree with you. There is always ” on the other hand ” I am trying to say that the job of an administration is to build a team that ultimately will challenge for the big prize. This present group was handed CP and a few others that are considered core players and really it seems that they have been only interested in making the playoffs. I am only a single voice on this genuinely peaceful blog and don’t want to clash with the mainstream views but the team that looks as if one player gets injured they spin their wheels is on shaky ground. As for Edmonton well I guess we’ll never know how successful they would have been without 99 but I bet they still would have been in the mix. However even the most positive of Habs fans I’ m betting surely would be supremely worried if CP got injured seriously. Remember Wayne had some very high end talent to work with. Messier, Fhur, Coffey, Moog, Kurri, Anderson, Lowe etc.

  8. Thanks Cliff. For sure, if Price goes down again it probably is a team going nowhere. I like the rumour of Bergevin shopping for a quality defenceman. I think that would make a huge difference. And yes, it’s okay to disagree with others. It’s healthy, and I appreciate people coming on and giving different point of views. You always make great sense too.

  9. Dennis let’s hope MB does land that high end D-Man. They sure need one. I personally think another Radulov type may be more impactful….but its only me. They need a game breaker scoring wise. Never miss a televised game and it’s been so for as long as I can remember. Like you I listened to our once Glorious Habs on radio many a nights even while drinking way too much booze…not sure you did that but i wouldn’ t be surprised at all. Imagine driving way over the limit (well maybe just over the limit ) and listening to hockey while wondering why your date is upset not only for the drinking but above all listening to hockey on the car radio. I’ve been a Habs fan forever and the 70’s was heaven to many of us…we had a team that could play anyway the opposition wanted and still beat them. I have the Red Army versus our Once Glorious Habs… NY Eve…maybe one of the purist hockey games ever played. Well I am very, very biased.

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