Radulov Sparks Habs


Great night for the Canadiens as they down the Philadelphia Flyers 3-1 at the Bell Centre, and the Habs’ 2016-17 campaign rolls along like a speeding red, white, and blue train.

Five wins and a shootout point as the boys blast through six games to start the season, and a tough, hardworking night against a gritty Flyers team. The team is getting it done, and it makes my heart soar like the Flying Wallendas on crystal meth.

Who was that dynamo with the two-week growth on his face, scurrying here and there and causing problems all night in the enemy zone?

Alexander Radulov, that’s who. The one we wondered about before the season started, and who has been a revelation. The one who wasted eight years in the KHL and with only 160 NHL games under his belt.

And he’s not small either, standing 6’1″ and weighing 200 lbs, unlike the parade of little guys who tried and failed in becoming  top six gunners on the Canadiens over the past several years.

Radulov, with a goal and two assists, and the game’s first star. A force all night long. A great addition to the Habs attack. A guy who said bonjour and merci beaucoup in his postgame on-ice interview.

A guy who changed the climate of the game, and who has the tools to change the climate of many games.

Climate change. It’s real. It’s Radulov.

The Canadiens were first on the scoreboard when Shea Weber’s shot hit a Flyer stick and fooled Philly goaltender Steve Mason, while in the third frame, Brendan Gallagher on the power play would deflect Radulov’s shot from the point to give the boys a 2-1 lead.

Weber also notched an assist on the pp marker.

Radulov would find the empty net to ice the thing, and fitting that it was him after such a tremendous night. And it’s obvious that this guy loves being a Montreal Canadien.

He’s on the verge of being the toast of the town, and it’s what happens when a player works hard and becomes a major factor in games. Players around the league, free agents and those with no-trade to Montreal clauses, who are chicken shit to play for the Canadiens, need to pay attention to what Radulov is doing. It’s how one becomes a fan favourite in a tough town.

But I can’t get carried away. It’s only six games and we’ve seen players disappear before as the season wears on.  But for now, Radulov is alive and well!

Random Notes:

Carey Price made a huge game-saver late in the game, when it was still 2-1.

Canadiens outshot the Flyers 33-32 and were 1/4 on the power play.

Next up – Wednesday in Brooklyn to face the Islanders.





12 thoughts on “Radulov Sparks Habs”

  1. Is it too soon to start thinking extension for Radulov? I doubt he’d consider only a 1 year extension. Guaranteeing 5 more years may be dangerous. I wonder how much 3 more years will cost.

  2. Dennis, nicely put ! I was there arriving home very late.. after a little caroming with pool! but it was an amazing expereince to see Radulov, Weber and Price Gallagher and the Habs win Christ! it was inthe air. Yea, there were some lags, and some guys need more work like some of the faceoffs, (and that first period was messy in spots, but Patches came close there, and just everyone vroomed up!) by the time the 2nd rolled round, well you know. And the third was dangerous until ! well Rad, and Gallagher and and

    And yes, there’s more work to be done and lots to protect, I think Monti will play Thursday and then it’s the Tampa baby guys, and I suspect that’s gonna be a toughie…

    ANyhow, I am bushed,

    Great day for all, god bless


  3. my hockey world is a beauty —– we have a team with some mo-jo and we have Dennis back giving us inspired readings. So sorry for your anguish last year “veterans” of the CH faithfull but maybe this year we can hold our heads up.

  4. Rad is a hairier version of Galchenyuk. Their faces look so similar. So Montreal has a new superstar! Love the toothless braveheart!

  5. A 3 year extension would be perfect, Christopher. He’s 30, and he seems to love being a Hab. He’s what the team has been missing. A big top sixer, a guy who can rack up points. He’s no Semin, that’s for sure.

  6. Hi Bill. You bet, it wasn’t perfect but so many good things to see, in particular, for me at least, how Weber and Radulov have changed the look of this team. Something had to be done and Bergevin went out and did it. I hope the Subban fanatics would just settle down and embrace this new squad. It’s not about favourite players anyway, it’s about the sweater. You have a great day and relax. Maybe have a nap. You had a late night and you need to recover. Thanks for writing.

  7. Hi Peter. Yes, the mojo is there. And maybe they can avoid the very serious slumps. All teams slump, but sometimes it gets out of hand, like last year. I seriously was ready to pack it in last year, but these new guys have given me great hope.

  8. He’s a great addition, Marjo. Just what the doctor ordered. And nothing is better for a hockey team than all four lines clicking, and with the first two lines showing to be extremely dangerous. They just need to keep it rolling, and get the power play working. Maybe this will be a great year for them and us.

  9. DK, I have a feeling this team will not fold up like last year. They seem to have trust in Mr Montoya and so they should. Out played in the first 2 games and came away with 3 out of 4 points. The Wolfman is a beast, all the additions have turned this team into a force to be reckoned with! GO HABS GO! ?

  10. And Mike, it’s Montoya on Wednesday against the Islanders, I think. It’s great now and it’s a different team. Their first slump, when it happens, will suck, but they’ll come out of it, unlike last year.

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