Radulov Enters Habs Universe


Alexander Radulov is a new Montreal Canadien, for a year at least, which means I think we should hardly ever think about the jerk he once was and concentrate on the fact that he might be a great guy now.

Most importantly, this is a skilled forward, a top six guy like we knew the Canadiens needed, and so a big hole has been filled, adding to my ongoing optimism that the team is now bigger, tougher, and more talented.

I hope that some of the boys from BC, like Carey Price, Brendan Gallagher, and Shea Weber, will find it within themselves to bring the Stanley Cup to Powell River next summer.

Radulov, who’ll be 30 on July 5th, made his millions these past few years in the KHL with Ufa Salavat Yulayev and CSKA Moscow. He also certainly knows North America, where his #22 sweater is retired in Quebec after starring for the Remports, scoring 61 goals and 91 assists in just 62 games back in 2005-06, his second and last season with the QMJHL club.

And of course with the Nashville Predators, where not only did he collect 102 points in 154 games, but he also earned a well-deserved spoiled shithead reputation.

Radulov dishonored his Preds contract to bolt to the KHL, and also decided to party with teammate Andrei Kostitsyn until 5 am at a bar in Phoenix, just before game two of their playoff series with the Coyotes in 2012. Who knows what else he did?

But we forget these things now because he’s a Montreal Canadien. Maybe not a Jean Beliveau-type Montreal Canadien, but hopefully a guy who can really make an impact up front.

It’s a new chapter for Radulov, and it’ll be up to him to show that not only is he a great player, but a great guy as well.

6 thoughts on “Radulov Enters Habs Universe”

  1. Dennis,
    Radulov is a very talented athlete. He can play with the best of them. Let’s hope that his time spent in the KHL has made him a much more mature person and athlete. And, that his bad boy past is long gone. A gamble by Bergevin? Possibly.
    But, here’s hoping Marc wins this one and it doesn’t turn out to be a loss like last year’s Alexander Semin gamble.

  2. One year. I’m fine with that. He’s older, wiser maybe, and I hear he’s having a baby. Look what a baby did to Dennis. #Ibelieve.

  3. Just maybe Weber is already influencing the direction of our team. It’s reported MB consulted with him on his take on this dude and he’s now signed. As DK and I with passing years comes a semblance of maturity.

  4. Only a semblance, Mike! But yes, he could be a changed man and he could be great for the Habs. Absolutely, nothing ventured, nothing gained. He’s got tons of talent.

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