R.I.P. Dollard

A little late getting to this but I’ve been tied up, and not in that good way.

Winner of four Stanley Cups with the Canadiens, including three during that magnificent late-’50s run by the team, defenceman Dollard St. Laurent has passed away at age 85.

St. Laurent, who wore the CH from 1951-52 until 1957-58 before moving to the Chicago Black Hawks, leaves us just after our Canadiens family said goodbye to Elmer Lach, Claude Ruel, Jean Beliveau, Gilles Tremblay, and Carol Vadnais.

Not a good time as far losing great Habs go. But I’m thinking a Stanley Cup this year in their name will help with the healing.

Below, a picture from an old Hockey Pictorial magazine, showing a fine intersection in Hull, Quebec, back in the late ’50s.

And below that, Dollard on the far right, and to his right Boom Boom Geoffrion, Cardinal Leger, Maurice Richard, Butch Bouchard, and what appears to be John McCormack.






6 thoughts on “R.I.P. Dollard”

  1. I had the pleasure of playing golf with him a couple of times as he was a guest at our civic center fund raiser. What a true gentleman. He said that he put a curse on the Hawks after they traded him and said they would not win the cup for 40 years. I guess his curse came true. Great stories from old time hockey players are getting harder to hear now that the old guard is moving on. There was a real honesty and sincerity in the way they played and their desire to win the CUP. I will miss him.

  2. R.I.P. Dollard, and condolences to the St. Laurent family.

    Max is going to miss the Detroit game. He’s going to be seeing the team doctors for an assessment.

  3. As time goes by the team is becoming complete, you & I being elder citizens it’s a wake up call, live life too the fullest & savour every moment while on the green side!! It is sad though to read of all those greats we cheered for slowly or not so slowly leaving us!!!!!!!!!!!

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