17 thoughts on “Quiz Time”

  1. DK, is Kieth at your house now or have dragged him down to another pub? If so your hangover must be over!

  2. Did he bring along some rock-star brownies to munch on Dennis?

    Please don’t let him climb up your coconut tree in the backyard or he might fall out and hurt his noggin again!


  3. why can’t they have a legible autograph like eddie shack or geronimo?……………………of course, hash brownies

  4. Hobo, one of the nicest autographs ever is Bobby Hull’s. Nice, clear, swooping and swirling. Which means that when he was eating hash brownies, he wasn’t signing.

  5. Danno and Gail – nope. And what about the words about the scribble? There are three words there.

  6. Alright then it’s got to be Charlie Watts.

    As for the other words – Rolling Stones, Love…

    Right I hope. Or I am stumped.

  7. Dennis, I couldn’t understand why there was a B in Charlie Watts’ autograph but now I think I know.

    It appears that Charlie Watts put a “B” in his autograph for the word “Boy” so as to say Charlie “Boy” Watts.

    He did this as a sort of tribute to the legendary jazz saxophonist Charlie Bird Parker who he loved and admired and even wrote a book about. It’s a eulogy to Parker with illustrated poems.

    The book is called: Ode to a Highflying Bird. Copies of this book are scarce and are worth thousands of dollars.

    Click here to see Charlie Watt’s autograph on this rare book..


    Here it is again…


    If you ever come across that book at a garage sale or the Sally Ann, grab it. It’s worth up to almost $4,000 a copy depending on the condition.

  8. Your story is interesting, Danno. I just took the B as being part of his pens]manship, that it only looked like a B. Keith Richards raves about Charlie Watts in his book. He said Charlie is the heart and soul of the Stones.

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