Quit Complaining, Kane. It’s Only A Suture Scratching The Eyeball

A month ago I had eye surgery on one eye, and today was the day where I go for my final checkup before they make new glasses for me.

I’ve been wondering why things are taking so long. Sometimes I look like I’m about to cry. Everyday it feels like a feather is tickling my eye. The sun has become my worst enemy.

Turns out I still have a suture (stitch) left in my eye that shouldn’t be there and it’s scratching my eyeball and I have to be on the noon ferry tomorrow and get over to Courtenay for a look by a specialist. I asked the doctor why they didn’t put dissolving stitches in my eye. He said they don’t sometimes. WHY THE HELL NOT?

If I don’t make it, I want all my hockey stuff to go to my kids and I hope my wife collects a lot from the lawsuit that will be forthcoming due to my untimely demise caused by a stray suture.

6 thoughts on “Quit Complaining, Kane. It’s Only A Suture Scratching The Eyeball”

  1. Hope everything goes well.

    Silly question, where did they expect the suture to go if it’s not a dissolving one?

  2. I think it’s just suppose to fall out but mine got inside. I’m going to get to the meat of this today over on the island.

  3. Hi Dennis: Only the good die young, so don’t worry about who gets your possessions. Now, if you cheered for God’s team, the Bruins, you might have to worry about those items. Trust me, I’ve caught a shadow of my halo on occasion.

    Feel much better soon my friend.

  4. Jeez,Iknew a guy[Jimmy Antonia] went in for eye sugery then went home after the operation went to bed and never woke up. about 15 yrs.ago Dennis

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