Quick Note To Bruins Fans

There’s a question of whether or not Boston’s overtime goal began as an offside play and indeed, it appears it should have been blown dead as Chris Kelly looks to have one foot over the blueline and the other in the air, which should lead to a whistle. 

It was close, very close, and linesmen are human beings who err like the rest of us. But I want to make one thing perfectly clear. If Montreal now happens to score a goal which could be deemed as offside, I don’t want to hear or read from Boston fans that the Canadiens get all the breaks and always have, yada yada yada.

If it happens, Bruins fans, you’re just going to have to suck it up. Like we are.

7 thoughts on “Quick Note To Bruins Fans”

  1. Dennis, maybe it’s been this way a while and I have been blind, but it seems there are many Hab haters out there. I’m not sure why, and maybe it deserves a poll but the way I see it many haters are jealous that we have a very passionate fanbase.

  2. Marjo, and more cups than any other team! 100 years & 24 cups, in other words roughly 25% of the time the NHL has existed!
    Les Canadiens sont la!!!!

  3. Can’t really fault the Habs anywhere. They should have scored at least once about half a dozen times. Can;t fault Price. The only area we can improve is to sit Soppel and put Weber in. A case could be made for Hamrlik too as they and the rest of the D are slow and make a ton of mistakes. Weber is a new breed of quick puck moving D-men. And stop playing the Gomez line so much. Jesus Christ, double Pleks ice time, cut Gomez’s and our chances improve. These OT games prove we are very close to matching the bruins. Not giving uo as there is still a long ways to go. Back to back games may help the smaller quicker habs. JM better shine as the coach because right now we need him to make some tough decisions.

  4. Marjo, there’s millions of Habs haters out there. It probably begins with their grandparents or parents who witnessed Montreal winning so often. Years ago, people started cheering for anyone to bring down this juggernaut. They hated it because the Habs were so good. Sort of like the Yankees only the Yankees have used vast sums of money to get to the top. People love to see the Canadiens fail. For me, the more haters the better because when we win it all, it shoves it down their throats.

  5. Right on, Mayo. Stop playing Gomez so much. Put the guys on the ice that might do some damage. And I agree about using Weber too.
    We can beat the Bruins without question and we’ll see what Martin does to tweak things. I just wish Subban would fight somebody in a real fight and shed his reputation of starting but not finishing. Heck, I don’t even know if he’s a good fighter or not. Wouldn’t it be great if he flattened rat Marchand’s nose with an uppercut?
    Anyway, bring on game six. This thing isn’t over. Like Danno says, three isn’t four.

  6. our chances are better than the canucks. Man, they are in trouble. Why Lou was on the ice to begin with is beyond me. He went down on a back hand flip shot and was in no position for the ultimate OT winner last night. Price doesn’t look bad. Cancuk fans I am close to are pretty frightened. Especially after Schneider went down last night. He was playing good too. They moaned when Lou stepped on the ice. Kinda humourous. Reminds me of our Red Light Racicot.

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