Questions And Answers From NHL Players

Scotiabank and the NHLPA have come up with a little fun thing to do in the off-season, and as for myself, it’s something I can read while waiting for summer to appear on the west coast, which may or may not happen.

They’re letting fans ask NHL players questions, and if you click The Mailbag you can see a whole of lot questions already sent in, and if you go to Mailbag Answers you can see where players are starting to reply to them.

Looks like fun to me, and I also have questions:

Hey Sean Avery, have you ever wondered why your teammates don’t like you after you said on national TV that most NHL players are dimwits?

Brad Richards, after signing for 60 million dollars with the Rangers, wasn’t demanding lockout protection in your contract slightly greedy?

To most players, why can’t you sign an autograph that isn’t an unrecognizable scribble? Bobby Hull and Jean Beliveau have certainly managed to.

Also to most players, what the heck’s wrong with playing in Montreal?

And Scott Gomez, you’re going to be better this year, right?





5 thoughts on “Questions And Answers From NHL Players”

  1. Dennis. You should be the official “question asker” for the NHL. I wonder if Sean Avery included himself in his answer….. or if he even considered it.

    Scott Gomez…. please say yes….

  2. Thanks, Yves. I’m pretty sure Avery’s no Albert Einstein. But he thinks most players are right out of the Ozarks. Please God, don’t ever let Sean Avery play in Montreal.

  3. Questions I’d love to have asked (and answered truthfully):

    Marc Recchi: Did Pierre McGuire give you the explanation you should use for your comments regarding the Pacioretty hit?

    Chara: Did you honestly think saying you didn’t know who was on the ice on that hit would sound remotely believable?

    Patrick Roy: Do you think you should have maybe taken a few days off to calm down rather than just quitting the Habs on the spot?

    Kovalev: Why do you only show up every so often? What would make you show up every game?

    To any under-performing highly-paid player: Do you ever feel embarrassed picking up your paycheck?

    To that under-performing player again: Why doesn’t seeing what that hot new rookie is doing motivate you to play better?

  4. Darth, your Patrick Roy question is a question I’d like answered too. Making a decision like that in the heat of the moment might not have been the best decision for Roy. He did say when his sweater was retired that the Canadiens was always where his heart was, but maybe he said that in Colorado too at some point.
    I was quite angry with Patrick for years afer that quitting moment. I think it was more about not getting along with Tremblay than it was about being embarrassed with all the goals that night. All I know is, he could have been an even bigger icon if he would have stayed. A true god in Montreal. But it got slightly tarnished.

  5. Darth, excellent questions, the answer to any of them would be the scoop of the year, capable of taking down the Internet.

    However I would redirect Roy’s question to GM Réjean Houle. He suspended and traded Roy without giving him time to cool off. If nothing else why didn’t he wait longer to make a good deal? Why didn’t he call up Marcel Aubut in Québec and ask him how to trade a stubborn hot-head star like Roy or a stubborn wannabe star like Lindros?

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