Quebec City

We’re in Quebec City and it’s been terrific, with our hotel so perfectly situated we find ourselves only a couple of hundred feet from the Plains of Abraham.

When I was fourteen I spent a month with a French family in St. Hyacinthe on an English-French exchange, and my new friend and I hitchhiked to Quebec City and slept in sleeping bags on the Plains of Abraham. And now I’m back.

It’s Luci’s birthday and she and I celebrated at the greatest restaurant either of us have ever been in, called Parmesan, where joie de vivre reigned supreme, and where the staff was amazing, the food was excellent, and a singer and fellow with an accordion walked around and sang old Italian songs.

It was like being serenaded by Dean Martin and Perry Como.

We never stopped smiling and laughing for the two or three hours we were in Parmesan. Usually being in restaurants is fairly serious business.

We’ve already staked out a nearby Irish pub to watch the Habs-Rangers game tonight, after walking in and an employee showed us around and told us where the best TV viewing is.

And I hope I don’t sound like I’m boasting, but since my teens I’ve been saying exactly what Jacques Plante said in describing the nice time he had in Toronto when he played for the Leafs in the early-1970s:

“Maybe that’s been the trouble in our country; we just don’t get around and meet the neighbours in other provinces.”




14 thoughts on “Quebec City”

  1. Quebec City is one of the prettiest cities in North America, Dennis–I’m glad that you’re getting to enjoy it again.

  2. I’m glad that you are, Dennis. In terms of “historic beauty”, I’d say of the cities to which I’ve been in my life, only Saint Augustine rivals Quebec City.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCI !! I hope you have a grand time in Quebec City, I hear it’s a wonderful place to visit & with so much Canadian history attached to it. Hope you enjoy the game at this Irish pub you’ve staked out! When I hitch hiked out to the East coast I only saw it from the Levi’s side of the river but it appeared quite impressive.

  4. It’s grand place, Mike. You should put it on your list of things to do. Hell, we’ll come with you.

  5. It’s a grand place, Mike. You should put it on your list of things to do. Hell, we’ll come with you. And Luci says thanks.

  6. How great! Especially that it’s Luci’s first time there!

    HaPpY bIrThDaY LuCi!!!

    You will have to return this summer when everything is green. Jacques Plante is right and so are you. Visiting other provinces and meeting people is a great way to bring down barriers and realize that stereotypes are nonsense. Peace and respect rules!

    Have a dandy time tonight!

  7. 100 points! Not too shabby!

    What a storybook ending!

    Hope you and Luci are having a great time!

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