Putin Plays, And Centennial Plaza To Be Squashed

Blue Bayou (Donal) in London, England, found this in the Guardian from a couple of months ago, and sends it along. It’s a video of Russian President Vladimir Putin playing hockey for an amateur squad against a bunch of Russian legends, and amazingly, Putin sort of looks like he’s played before. He skates okay, scores a couple, including a nice backhand, and all the players suck up to him in blatant fashion.

I think the goalie let up. Maybe he’s read too many books about Stalin and felt the gulag would beckon if he stoned the prez. But I’m sure Putin wouldn’t do that. Maybe a little tongue-lashing, but no gulag.

Here’s the link with the video. Putin pops a couple

From Danno, a link to a story about how the big Habs condo that everyone’s talking about, the one to be built at the Bell Centre, will be erected on Centennial Plaza, where fans bought bricks which are on display, and where statues of Howie Morenz, the Rocket, Jean Beliveau, and Guy Lafleur stand for all to admire.

So much for Centennial Plaza. Wait till I tell my friend Leo, here in Powell River, who was given a brick for his birthday a few years ago and is so proud of it.

Here’s the link – Get Real Hockey

Last year the Canadiens wanted $89,000 from a restaurant owner who had the gall to put a picture of guy wearing a Habs sweater, along with the words “Go Habs Go,” on the wall of his establishment. Now they’re doing this, and it’s all very disappointing.

7 thoughts on “Putin Plays, And Centennial Plaza To Be Squashed”

  1. That condo units will probably be bought by international soveriegn wealth money just as the dozens and dozens in Toronto are. It will be a novelty for the foreign multi-millionaires….My last visit to Toronto I counted 35 cranes as drove through the downtown core. Its been called the Manhattanization of Toronto and they say Montreal is next…..I dare say not one will be French speaking …A culture shock is coming to Montreal…

  2. The difference between the Manhattanization of Toronto and Manhattan itself is, the former is very ugly, the later not ugly. Hopefully Montreal does not follow the grotesque Toronto lake front example……… Maybe no gulag for the goalie but instead a one way ticket to that tranquil paradise Damascus with one of the highy immoral Russian weapons shipments. State corporatism at it’s finest.

  3. Hobo and Mike, I’m for condos too. I’ve often thought that if I won the lottery, I’d like to live in one of those fancy highrises in downtown Vancouver overlooking False Creek and such. A corner deli. Corner bar. Gotta win that lottery.

  4. Films to watch when you’ve bought and settled into your “condo” (in London – Olympic City we call ’em flats or apartments. Mind you Le Block de Flats des Canadiens lacks a little something.)

    Three Days of The Condo
    El Condo
    Operation Condo
    Blood of the Condo

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