Pure Prairie Sailing

Canadiens won 3-1 in Carolina on Monday night, with goals from Jiri Sekac, Lars Eller, and Max Pacioretty. Max now has 14 in 36 games, which, over 82 games, would amount to……………….quite a bit. More than 30. (You thought I was going to do the math?)

A few things to note:

Lucy, Teesha, and I went from Kenora to Moose Jaw today (860 km), and it’s a tad chilly. Down around minus-25 all day, and -35 or -40 during the night. The car windows never truly cleared all day.

But the roads are dry, which is all I care about. And the price of gas is around 90 cents a litre right now, which is also cool.

I know it’s not nearly over, but so far this drive. that began in Montreal, has been, aside from the three hour snowstorm from the Soo to Wawa, dry roads and smooth sailing. But Calgary tomorrow, then through the Rockies the next day, and who knows what’s in store? Maybe we’ll see a sasquatch.

Moose Jaw TV showed the Winnipeg-Minnesota game and the Canada-Finland World Junior game, but no Habs, which brings to me to the big question. When I reach the coast and am phoning around about getting cable connected, what’s the best option for seeing the Canadiens?

This paragraph is about Teesha the Wonder Cat. Two weeks ago she was near death. She couldn’t walk, couldn’t eat, couldn’t move. Now I feel she’s at about 70% overall. Her walking isn’t great and she won’t drink water voluntarily, but other than that, she’s doing great and we’re mighty proud of her.

Tomorrow we stay with my son Rory in Calgary. Then it’s Banff, Lake Louise, Golden, Rogers Pass, and Kamloops, but only if the weather cooperates. After that, Vancouver, then up coast.

But I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself. Right now I’m only concerned about the car starting in the morning.



6 thoughts on “Pure Prairie Sailing”

  1. Thanks for the pictures…

    Last year I had the NHL.com deal to watch the Habs on-line. It allowed the 690 radio feed.

    As for not seeing the Canadiens tonight, I’m pretty sure I didn’t see them either. We’d be floating face down if it weren’t for Carey…

  2. Dennis I am glad all is going well during your near cross-country trek . I am terribly sad to inform you that the Habs sold the national rights to Rogers and the regional rights to RDS which for us out west necessitates NHLNETWORK for tv viewing of every game . Being bilingual I have found a pirate feed of rds online and there is always tsn690 or tsn.ca for radio . Citytv ( owned by rogers ) only has a little more than a handful of national broadcasts this year as the nhl is forcing anyone outside the Habs region ( Maritimes , Quebec and some of Ontario ) to purchase their feed which is expensive for us working stiffs on top of cable fees . I pay for RDS but I am not allowed to watch as I am not in the region . This also goes for any other Canadian team for us other than Edmonton and Calgary and a few Vancouver games , all others come up blacked out . I ask an honest question here and that is – What is Bettman and his ilk doing other than grabbing more money out of a fans pocket ? It has gotten stupid like the NFL , 5 channels showing the same freaking game . A joke I say as the corporate pigs laugh all the way to the bank . May you all find yourself safely in Powell River soon .


  3. Hey Dennis, YOu will soon be back in B.C. but you are not going to like the the lack of Habs broadcasts. I have only seen about six games so far this year, as Joe pointed out Bateman got the TV deal he wanted just not from the states. I wish you a safe trip for you ,Luci and Teesha.

  4. Some may say I’m crazy but le Gros Bill is still with us. The 2 4 keeps coming into play, with last nights win that’s six out of seven and the six wins are total goals both teams & won by = 4! 🙂

  5. The fours just keep coming Mike. It’ll be interesting to see if more continue. Maybe Big Jean is watching intently from above.

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