Pull Up A Chair And Enjoy The Big Game

No, this isn’t my chair, I don’t have room for it and I don’t have a rec room. Beatnik sent me the picture and it’s a beauty, that’s for sure. In fact, when I’m owner and living in luxury in Montreal, I might furnish the whole house like this. And if I’m going to be an armchair quarterback, I gotta have a good armchair.

12 thoughts on “Pull Up A Chair And Enjoy The Big Game”

  1. Hey Dennis, Well let me say,this sure looks a lot more comfortable then my Forum chair.I’m not really big on the vinyl finish,leather would be nicer,but the colors are ok.There only two beer holders though,might need a couple more.

  2. Derry, there’s a corner pub in Vegas that sells 24 oz. beer for $3.50. Wouldn’t fit in that chair.

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