Puck Stacks

There are 51 pucks here, all representing goals scored in playoff action from three different levels, and I’m the guy with the least amount, 13. But my league was harder. We played against teams with guys who almost shaved, for crissakes.

I tried to somehow equate the number of pucks with Scott Gomez’ Montreal numbers because I thought it would make for good quality humour, but it’s not working out. Gomez, in his three years as a Hab (he wore the jersey, so that tells me he was a Hab), scored 12, then 7, and then 2, which equals 21 goals. In the photo, there’s 15, then 23, and then 13, so nothing connects. Why couldn’t Gomez have scored only 13 goals in his three seasons so I could have much more of a post. Damn this Gomez.

So it’s not funny, it’s not relevant, and frankly, me having less pucks than the other two is slightly embarrassing. But then again, 13 pucks is better than Gomez’ two this season. And I made about five bucks a week with my paper route, whereas Gomez….. never mind.

I’m in panic mode. He’s going to go to camp, and what if he has a decent showing in preseason before he falls apart in the regular season? He’s going to take a spot, the bastard, and from his initial fine showing, which will be as great an illusion as anything David Copperfield could muster, he won’t be sent down. Everything will be status quo, and it’s unfortunate because I’m trying to hold on to my remaining hair.

No wonder I drink.

This, from Sportsnet –

Montreal GM Marc Bergevin doesn’t plan to buy out the contract of Scott Gomez. Bergevin said: “He’s a Montreal Canadien, so he’ll come here and we’ll see what happens. But I’m not buying him out.” His total buyout cost would be $6.67 million spread over four years, according to CapGeek.com so it would inadvisable to explore that option anyway. However, starting the year in minors isn’t out of the question even though Bergervin didn’t touch on that subject


5 thoughts on “Puck Stacks”

  1. It’s time for a bake sale. All Habs fans from all nations rise up! Collectively we can do it!!

    ***Dennis, your writing cracks me up. I literally lol. You put a smile on my face daily. Please never stop blogging. I am a follower for life.

  2. Eller signs for 2 years, Diaz files for arbitration, no $$$ reports yet. This leaves only RFAs Subban, Geoffrion and Palushaj and a bunch of minor league UFAs unsigned.

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