12 thoughts on “Psst……Want Some Stuff?”

  1. Hey Dennis,My neighbor next door told me that the Rangers were going to win yesterdays game,I replied that I didnt think they would.I surely didnt figure that they would tottaly run right over them,dominance was a factor in the game.That was probably the easiest shut out Carey Price will ever get,very impressed with the defence ,even though they are missing so many key players.

  2. As a previous winner of a Dennis Kane “Win Some Stuff” type carry on, I would like to say that this is a genuine contest and it was purely an adminstrative error that saw my entire life savings disappear from my bank account after I handed the details over to Dennis so he could send me my prize. He promised he’d send it all back and I’m sure he will as soon as he can get around to it.

    Seriously though, I’d just like to say thanks to Dennis and point out that the great man went to the trouble of shipping a bunch of good things all the way to London, UK.

    So I will not be entering because someone else should get a chance. (Yes I know by commenting I could be entering it’s a kind of double blind whatsit but you get my drift).

    Good Luck All.

    And remember Monday is “Ruin a Bruin” night, a game for the whole community.

  3. Well count me in. Let’s just hope Dennis isn’t really a Bruins lover in disguise and is just doing this to get our addresses in an attempt to have a hit squad sent our way to beat the crap out of us.

  4. Darth, you figured it out. My name, which I’m disclosing now, is Brad Marchand, and I’ve been doing this blog to get inside info on the Habs. I see you guys have a player named Scott Gomez. Is he a sharpshooter?

  5. I like Brett’s informed bet choice for Monday’s game. I’d be even happier if he made it his lock of the night.

    And if Dennis is only acting as a Canadiens fan, it’s the best disguise ever. Why hasn’t the academy given him an Oscar yet? And I can’t believe Bruin fans have the guts to leave Boston. Their courage ends at ganging up on a opposing fan alone in their washroom.

  6. Blue Bayou, I need your money for my new Sasquatch expedition. This isn’t cheap, you know. Those Hilton hotels at the end of each days’s searching cost an arm and a leg. And then there’s the room service and guests and gratuities……damn. So you see? Your life savings are working overtime right now. But I’ll pay you back.

  7. I always knew you were up to something Dennis. Oops, I mean Brad. 🙂

    Blue Bayou’s “Ruin A Bruin” is the tops. Let’s all make it an official holiday.

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