Prust’s Ticket Sentence

The New York Post’s Larry Brooks says Brandon Prust can now forget about getting tickets on Celebrity Row at MSG at see the Knicks play.

That’s quite a thing Brooks has going. Sports columnist and the guy who decides who gets the good tickets for basketball games. Powerful stuff.

Of course it’s only what Brooks says. He has no say in Celebrity Row tickets. Or maybe he does. Was he the doorman at Studio 54 who decided who got in and who didn’t? Did he ever work at Immigration?

Note to other Habs players. If you’re going to be mean to the poor Rangers, you risk not getting primo seats for your favourite things in New York. No seats above the dugout at Yankee Stadium, no sold-out Broadway tickets, no front row at Carnegie Hall.

Maybe you should just let up. Even allow Chris Kreider to run Dustin Tokarski, which is only a matter of time coming anyway. Because the word is out. Being not nice to those Rangers means risking good tickets to stuff. Is it worth it?

Brooks putting the hammer down isn’t very nice. It surprises me.  I thought New Yorkers were friendly types. Like Newfoundlanders. But surely Brandon knows a security guard at MSG who will let him slip in through a back door. Or maybe not. Maybe Brooks has taken care of that too.

Brandon, just phone Larry’s friend Torts. He’ll get you tickets.

It’s too bad it’s come to this. Prust makes a play that earns him two games, and Larry Brooks kiboshes Celebrity Row Knicks tickets. Talk about a double whammy.

It’s bad alright. But just remember this, Kreider and company. We still allow you to go to things in Montreal. Crescent Street is still wide open. For now anyway.

As for Larry Brooks, your 2 a.m. visits to Chez Paree have come to an end.





20 thoughts on “Prust’s Ticket Sentence”

  1. Mean joke about Republicans… the read the Post and the Times, the New York Post and the Washington Times… (Murdock does own the Post)

  2. Hi Dennis, I’ve been visting here for about a year, and been a habs fan since as far back as I can remember. I’m also a Newfoundlander. I’ ve always thought were just as friendly as New Yorkers…lol. Keep up the good work , I really enjoy your site.

  3. Thanks a lot, ajs. And yes, it’s the craziest thing to learn that New Yorkers can be like that. They need to go to Newfoundland to see how it works. Really appreciate you stopping by, and Go Habs Go!

  4. Joke about Republicans in the US being dumb, the New York Times and the Washington Post are considered as real papers and the NY Post and Washington Times as bird cage lining…

  5. If Prust is a big basketball fan, sounds like he needs a new team to cheer for. Seriously, this guy Brooks is a joke. According to this post (Habs, Rangers back on the ice Saturday for practices) on Hockey Inside Out, Prust texted Stepan to say he felt awful. Wonder if Kreider said anything like that to Price…doubt it from what I hear. And in this same article there’s a gentleman’s agreement for the other camp to not attend the the other teams practices. Think they respected that? Not. This team is really starting to bug me.

  6. I may be slow to tune in but it seems to me during the Boston series, there was not much trash talking between games by team or fans. But we seen the best hockey played. In this Ranger series there’s accusations, garbage talk by both sides AND the hockey is of lesser caliber. Just wish we were playing hockey again.. Good fast,Emelin-hitting,Bourgue skating, P.K. dipsy-doodling hockey. No whining. Maybe the toker got their confidence and we can carry on with the task at hand—RAISIN’ # 25!!!

  7. While it is ridiculous that they were watching, I’m sure many do it inconspicuously from up top. The bone-heads’ mistake was to sit close to the rink for all to see them.

    PS: I like what Peter Hab said.

  8. Hello there Montrealers. I am a New Yorker and fan and we don’t appreciate your grumpy insinuations about the good faith of our players or our town. You got lucky the other night & it won’t happen again. Your Montreal Canadiens, will not get past the Rangers. Your best goalie went down fair and square, sorry he got popped. It happens. You got lucky with Boston, but it won’t happen with the New York Rangers. Habs, people say here, what’s that, a lucky streak team plays one night and stays at home the rest of the time. And , which is highly unlikely, they do win out out against our faster skating team of real forwards who can score, they won’t even see the puck coming when the LA Kings coming rushing down (likely in 4 games) and mop them up. Because it won’tbe Chicago you are facing but the Kings. And guess what you Montrealers, this is 2014 and not 1993. Your best players are high paid flunkies. Tata from the Statue of Liberty and the big beautiful apple.

  9. Well said Linda BUT —“Pride cometh before the fall” See you where it counts Sunday nite—–ON THE ICE—BETWEEN THE WHISTLES.

  10. Hi Linda. No slight against the city. I happen to think it’s the best city on the planet. But please tell your favorite team’s coaches to stop spying on our team at practice. It’s not cool.

  11. Hey Linda, we beat Boston fair and square with our speed , discipline and great team effort by all. What’s strange is why you would even come here and say such a juvenile thing. And no one ever said anything nasty about your town. I don’t think its the best, in my opinion because that’s just my taste, however your accusation is wrong. As for us or NY meeting up with CHI or LA, guess what? You will lose too. The Rangers are not as good as you think they are.

  12. Regardless of where it started and who or what started the ill feelings, with Carey in one net and Henrey in the other net,this had the makings of one GOOD series of speed, goaltending, good hits and great hockey!!I as a fan I feel CHEATED!!! Again, don’t care where it went south, but lesser heads prevailed and now we have this crap to endure on warm daylight evenings when it’s past hockey season in Ontario. We get almost 82 games of season to regress to this. Grow up Habs and Rangers –manegement and players– and let your skills set the tone AND the outcome. DROP THE PUCK!!!

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