Prust Joins Walking Wounded

Boy, are is the team ever going to be nice and rested come spring when the going gets tough.

Brandon Prust is gone for four weeks with a shoulder injury after slamming into the boards the other night while playing against Nashville, the same night Daniel Briere suffered a concussion.

They join Max, George Parros, Douglas Murray, Drew Drewiske, and of course Alexei Emelin on the sidelines. Anybody else I’m missing? How’s Youppi?

So what else is new?


4 thoughts on “Prust Joins Walking Wounded”

  1. Dennis, you should check to see if the stick boy is injured. This could be your big break!

    Marc Bergevin pick up the phone.

  2. Just to compare, how many injuries would we see back in the 90’s or 80’s? I know we’re not comparing oranges with oranges here, just the same, seven players out of the lineup and its mid-Oct. oh dear.

  3. Danno, I’m looking into this right now. And if nothing pans out soon, I’m going to focus on riding shotgun on the zamboni.

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