Prust Is A True Leader

Brandon Prust calling Senators coach Paul MacLean a bug-eyed fat walrus isn’t called for.

I feel it’s a slap in the face to the walrus.

Yes, walrus’ are overweight and have whiskers, but they’re not nearly as homely as MacLean. Are you kidding? Not even close. Trim your freaking mustache, coach. Lose some weight. Do something about your bug-eyes. You look like a hideous version of Marty Feldman.

MacLean also shows similarities to sea lions. I can hear them sometimes from my porch as they bark down near the water’s edge. They’re grotesquely fat, they don’t make sense when they open their mouth, they’re ugly as sin, and if you get close enough, they smell like crazy.

Did MacLean show even a touch of concern for Eller? Or was his interview simply about how “whoever he is” shouldn’t have sent such a dangerous pass up the middle?”

Prust also said he hoped Gryba wouldn’t get suspended, and I love that. Put the guy on the ice and face some serious music. Prust is a leader in so many ways, and I wish we had more guys like him on the team.

I’ve read some comments in various places that say P.K. Subban’s Chris Neil wallop was much worse than the Gryba thing. Presently I’m choking on my corn flakes. That was a clean, perfectly-timed, bone-rattling check. We don’t see enough of this sort of thing anymore.

The folks who say this are probably confusing hockey with broomball.

Max Pacioretty and Brian Gionta won’t play tonight, due to some undisclosed injuries, and that’s fine. The boys will get it done no matter what’s thrown at them. Of course the goalie has to stop the odd puck that comes his way.

And maybe some day, when black clouds are hovering over my head, I’ll blabber on why I think Gionta could do more as a captain. Maybe from time to time act like a leader when leadership is called upon. Like Prust did. And what we see very little of from Gionta.

4 thoughts on “Prust Is A True Leader”

  1. Thanks for the reminder, Mike. I saw it last night and needed to get it posted but got sidetracked. Lack of class on the Sun’s part for sure.

  2. That’s pretty shitty on the part of Ottawa. All of a sudden i put them in a class with boston. But below boston a little. I hope prust rings grybas bell. I love prust and his approach to media interviews. He’ll be busy tonight and i hope he fucking kicks some coward ass. Price better step up. he knows we count on him. Budaj may be a safer bet the way both have been playing.

    Losing patches and gio is a loss but ottawa isnt that good, we were just that bad.

  3. Love this post, Dennis!! You’re dead-on about everything! Good God I love PK. Imagine what he will be like a few years from now. Give him all the loot he wants, Bergevin! He wears the CH the way every player who plays for the CH should!

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