Prust And Bouillon Newest Habs

Good stuff happening.

After signing Colby Armstrong, the Canadiens then added defenceman Francis Bouillon (1-year, 1.5 million) and left-winger Brandon Prust (4-years, 10 million). Bouillon played nine seasons with the Habs between 1999 and 2009 before joing the Preds, and has always been a solid and smart guy on the blueline. Although he’s small, he plays big. He’s a strong little bugger.

Brandon Prust is a hardrock left winger from the Rangers, and this adds grit in a big way. The Hockey News has this to say about him. “Loves to get in the face of opponents. Solid defensive instincts, aggressive forechecker, and excellent penalty-killer. An outstanding team guy that leads by example. He’ll rumble with anyone.”

Marc Bergevin and co. are changing things up.

10 thoughts on “Prust And Bouillon Newest Habs”

  1. awesome signings Dennis. Good to see you yesterday. Ilike the new look of this team. Have always hated colby armstrong, especially when he hit koivu behind the net. Good to have him though. When do we get gomez news?

  2. “He’ll rumble with anyone” is right.

    Here Prust takes on Milan Lucic who he has tangled with on several occasions:

  3. Thanks Danno. Lucic had his hands full there. Prust is a great addition and I’m excited by everything we did today.

  4. Well we’ve certainly toughened up a bit. That’s a great sign and I can’t wait for our Boston games. I look forward to us being accused of all kinds of rough stuff. 🙂

    I just hope one of these guys punches out Ference for me. Chara would be even better.

    We still need a LW signing though. We’ve kind of weak on that side.

  5. With the Leafs it was hard to see Armstrong’s full effectiveness because he was forever injured and the typical chaos in Leafland bounced him around all over the lines…he is a pest though……….But I am hoping the best player in the draft Morgan Reilly (as per Burky) turns into Bobby Orr…

    ..boy it was hot in the city of hot air on the hill yesterday

  6. Leaf Fan, I love that your Buds are paying Armstrong $1M to not play for them this year, the same amount as the Canadiiens. And then for fun they’re repeating the amount again next year. Sorry, I have to laugh otherwise I might start bawling at the thought of the player that we can’t even afford to get rid of.

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