My dad was a self-taught sign painter, a profession he found himself in after working for Gordon Lightfoot’s father at Wagg’s Laundry, a place which cleaned, yes, you guessed it, laundry.

Along with the normal sign painting duties, he also drew cartoons which were published several times in magazines, he painted art on motorcycle gas tanks, he lettered trucks, and he painted landscapes, many of which graced the walls of our little wartime house in Orillia.

Our house also had an old garage, and twice my dad painted cars on the garage door.




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  1. Heard a song once ” Our Family Tree has a Lot of Nuts on it But it’s Still Our Family Tree ” I’ve buried a few siblings, in-laws, nephews & nieces & parents. Funerals have mixed emotions. Ignore the sour grapes and soak in the stories and memories!!! Some will NEVER be retold unfortunately. Never met your dad but seeing the garage door makes him my HERO !! Not many normal people left. Maybe he learned that while in Holland. We are a crazy bunch from there. Habs fan in Ontario [Chesly]

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