Price’s Pose Made Me Chuckle

Opposing teams used to hate it when Jacques Plante would raise his arms high in the air at the end of a game after a sweet victory. Andy Bathgate, whose shot smashed Plante’s face and which led to the goalie insisting on wearing his mask, said he just couldn’t stand it when he would see Plante do the arms thing.

Now it seems some folk aren’t liking Carey Price’s folded arms pose after stopping the Pens in a shootout Thursday night.

Frankly, I didn’t see anything wrong with what Plante did, and I see nothing wrong with Price’s pose.

18 thoughts on “Price’s Pose Made Me Chuckle”

  1. Hey Dennis, Well that’s just fucking great,I love it.Good for Carey(who happens to be my favorite Hab,if you couldn’t tell )what a performance for the Habs after the Pens beat the Bolts 8-1 the nite before. Let us Carey this one tommorow nite against Boston

  2. Dennis,

    It doesn’t take much for the old hens to start clucking, does it? That kid has an enormous amount of pressure on him yet some people begrudge him a little bit of fun. Totally ridiculous.

  3. So let me get this straight. A forward, or even a defenceman, can celebrate a goal, they all do the glove thing at the team bench, but the goalie can’t do what amounts to the same thing? There is all kinds of silly hypocrisy in the world but it really bugs me when a group of people complain about something and then turn around and do it themselves. Yes that’s a reference to the Bolts complaining about hot dog shoot out attempts and then Stamkos doing exactly that on Price with a move that was probably illegal.

  4. Anyone upset about it needs to get a life and a sense of humour. The fact it was led by PJ “4 minutes of ice time” Stock says it all. Haterz gonna hate.

    It’s not like he gave Kunitz the middle finger or did a dance number like those crazy goalies in Finland… I think the majority of people in the hockey world are stuck up gits.

  5. pk is too cocky, price’s pose in inappropriate yada yada …………….. are we trying to be like the old soviet teams and show no feelings or emotion?………. if i was on the russian jr. team i would have been drunk and rowdy in celebration too and had i won the gold metal as part of the women team i would have smoked cigars and drank beer at centre ice after the victory…………. i’d love to be on the womens hockey team.

  6. I wonder what Don Cherry will have to say. Probably something stupid. Ridiculous! PJ Stock and Mike Milbury are idiots.

  7. Yeah Danno, I really hated Yeager’s little salute and Brian Propp had this little barehanded swooping thing that looked really lame. The best was Tiger Williams riding his stick, and you didn’t mind because the poor guy didn’t score too often. Something spontaneous like Fleury’s knee slide and Selanne’s skeet shooting didn’t seem to offend too much either.

  8. Dishonest John, It’s true, it’s ridiculous and I hope Price does it every time, even every game that they win. Do it every year and make it his signature pose. Rub it in these people’s faces.

  9. Hobo, it’s all about nailing the Habs, I think. Other teams don’t get criticized the way they do. Some of the media are part of this and it wouldn’t be a normal day at the office if they didn’t create another Habs story. It’s very tiring in many ways. And no, you can’t be on the women’s team. Maybe you could be stickboy!

  10. Thanks, Danno. It’s like Dishonest John says – in people’s eyes, skaters are colourful when they do something and Carey Price is brash and arrogant when he folds his arms. Is it the silliest thing you’ve ever seen?

  11. Mayo, it’ll be interesting if Cherry jumps on Price for this. Maybe he’ll surprise us and defend him.

  12. Hey Mike, I hope Number 31 comes back today and tells us what PJ said. I’ve been on graveyards and missed it.

  13. Eh usual L’Antichambre crap… PJ thought it was inappropriate and all that condescending finger wagging tut tut crap. I try to avoid that show and changed the channel quickly but apparently they all started harping on it and him. You know, they jump on the kid when he tries not to show emotion and keep cool, then jump on him any time he does. Price just can’t win with these idiots.

  14. Number 31, I don’t really speak a lot of French but I see these guys going on and on and I can pretty well he gist of what they’re saying. I’m like you, change the channel. Price can’t win and I agree completely with you, these are a bunchof idiotsI still have the memory etched in my miond of Stock and Milbury going on during the last Boston-Habs game. They were disgusting and I lost respect for Stock because of that episode.

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