Price Under The Weather

Carey Price has the flu, which means Peter Budaj will be between the pipes tonight against Philadelphia.

Maybe Budaj will sparkle. Maybe he’ll stone the Flyers. We’re ready for a big night from the backup.

This is a winnable game to be sure. The Flyers haven’t exactly been burning things up, as they currently sit tenth in the East with 13 points in 15 games, while the Habs are fifth with 17 point in two less games. The Flyers have lost seven of their nine road games, and it’s their second game in as many nights, losing 5-3 to New Jersey on Friday.

Michel Therrien told the troops on 24CH, which aired last night, that the goal is to score at least three goals every night, because you’ll win more often than not when this happens. (Only two of Montreal’s eight wins have seen them score less than three, so it’s seems a solid enough theory). So we need guns blazing. Hello Erik Cole.

The diagram is drawn up and the task at hand is this: Budaj has to earn his money ($1.2 million this season); the boys have to score at least three goals, preferably five; no one is allowed to get injured; and Carey Price needs to eat lots of chicken soup and feel fine in time for Monday’s game against Carolina.




4 thoughts on “Price Under The Weather”

  1. Don’t look now but a win tonight would move the Habs to first place in the division ahead of Boston which is idle after last night’s loss to Buffalo.

  2. One thing that helps us is that Philly’s D isn’t too great. We can take advantage of that if we use our brains and stay out of the box. If we play stupid we’ll be looking at another Saturday blow-out. Hope the clowns at HNIC don’t take too much joy out of that.

    I wish he’d let White back in though.

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