Price To Start

Price and Mike Smith.

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Mike Babcock and the gang have decided on Carey Price to be in nets against Norway on Thursday.

As it should be. Price has been lights out lately. Roberto Luongo and his Vancouver Canucks have lost their last seven games.

Of course, in looking at the comments on CBC, some people hate this idea because they feel it’s a lack of respect for Luongo, who has an Olympic gold medal on his resume, plus the fact that Price didn’t fare well in big games late in the season last year.

So be it. Price is the man.

3 thoughts on “Price To Start”

  1. The first two games against Norway and Austria are like pre-season games to evaluate who will play in the real games that follow. I think Norway is the better team so I think the idea is to test Price more.

  2. That crap about being disloyal to Luongo is the kind of thinking that led to the Clusterfuck in Italy. Loyal to some of the people from ’02 and it cost them. Use the same criteria to determine who plays that was used to determine who got chosen. Of course if they did that then Luo likely wouldn’t even be in Sochi, there’s that damn loyalty thing again.

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