Price Shuts Down Canucks


The Vancouver Canucks showed up at the Bell Centre on Wednesday night with fire in their eyes.

They’d lost their five previous games, and were in no mood for screwing around. You don’t mess with a wounded animal.

The Canucks dominated much of the game, especially the first half of the contest, and ended up peppering Carey Price and forcing the Canadiens into 19 giveaways. They were an impressive bunch, these West Coasters.

That’s the good news for Canucks fans.

The bad news is, their team lost 3-0.

Montreal was lousy on this night, and without Carey Price being Carey Price, the Canucks might have ended their drought. But they didn’t, and Les Glorieux’s record now stands at eight straight wins and a 9-0-1 record overall.

It makes my heart swell like Sean Avery’s head.

Sean Avery. The last we heard of him, he was having all kinds of fun in L.A. tormenting homeless people for some reason. Boredom maybe. Personality defect probably.

It was the first period in particular that the Canadiens and fans would like to forget. Outshot 13-3, the team was scrambling, they resorted to numerous icings, and the two power plays they had ended with zero shots on Vancouver’s goal.

Just a poor effort. A discombobulated bunch.

Sometimes I feel the right thing to do is send the wives to Powell River for a week or two, probably several times throughout the season, so the guys can refocus. They need it sometimes.

Midway in the second frame however, Nathan Beaulieu converted a Brendan Gallagher rebound to put the boys on the board, and then with just 49 seconds remaining, Phillip Danault burst down the right side and linemate Torrey Mitchell finished it off.

In the third period, as time wound down, Alexander Radulov swooped in with the Canucks’ net empty, and although the puck didn’t go in, Radulov was given the goal because he’d been slashed during the play.

A 3-0 win when they were lousier than lousy. I guess it’s a good thing.

Random Notes:

Last year at the ten-game mark, the Canucks beat the Canadiens in Vancouver to end the Habs’ nine-game winning streak. This year, at the ten-game mark, the boys made sure the Canucks five-game losing streak became six.

Final shots on goal – Canucks 42, Habs 22.

Next up for the Canadiens – Friday in Columbus.

Now, back to the World Series. Top of the seventh.


9 thoughts on “Price Shuts Down Canucks”

  1. Hey Ed, it’s cool when they win while being so lousy. A win’s a win, and Mr. Price is almost unbeatable right now. Liking this.

  2. Dennis, things are pretty good here in Kenora, despite all the bloody rain, retirement is still awesome and the habs are winning! I hope you and the family are also well. That game last night was mostly butt ugly! I do like the play of the fourth line and Price of course but what is wrong with the second line? When his contract is up I wouldn’t resign Patches, I know he scores 30 goals every year but just like Ryder used to do he leaves you wanting more…..everything! I know he scores goals but he really fails the “eye test” in my opinion and while I’m not in the room he doesn’t seem to be captain material.

  3. I agree about Max, D-John. He seems awkward as captain, and he’s asleep at the wheel on the ice far too often. Even his interviews seem off-kilter. The Ryder comparison is a good one. The boys truly sucked last night and it’s not a good sign when we see cracks. They weren’t great against Toronto either. Last year when they sucked they didn’t have Price to bail them out, and we expect much more on Friday in Columbus.
    Been to Orillia lately?

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