Price Is Priceless As Canadiens Shoot Down Hawks.

Again, Carey Price played like the Carey Price we all know and love in Tuesday’s huge 4-1 win over the visiting Chicago Blackhawks, which means life is good in Habsland, for now, at least. The young goalie came within 12 minutes of grabbing a shutout, he stopped 28 of 29 shots, and he came through in a big way, just like he did before his cave-in of the last few months. All’s well now, it seems. Price’s confidence has returned, and in return, he’s giving his teammates confidence. The timing couldn’t be better.

Montreal is now picking up steam as the regular season nears the end, and although Florida won in Ottawa and stays close, the Habs retain the final eastern playoff spot. So if you add things up, you have a team with a first line going great guns, grinders grinding, a goaltender who has finally found his game which he’d somehow misplaced for awhile, and the playoffs coming up fast. It means if the Canadiens can indeed get in, they can do damage. Major damage. It’s amazing what a red-hot first line and a top-notch goalie finding his game can do in a playoff situation.

This is why it’s good to be a Habs fan. Anything’s possible when the crunch is on.

Random Notes:

Kovalev notched a goal and an assist, and linemate Saku Koivu had an assist, so the first line continues their torrid pace. Guillaume Latendresse, Andre Markov, who turned in yet another stellar performance, and Mathieu Schneider scored the others.

Florida won in Ottawa, so the Habs have yet to open up some breathing room. Just a word to the Senators. Can’t you do anything right? Can’t even be a decent spoiler?

Upcoming and final games of the regular season for the good guys:

Thursday against the Islanders.

Saturday in Toronto.

Monday at home to meet the Senators.

Tuesday in New York to visit the Rangers.

Thursday in Boston.

And Saturday, Canadiens end it off at home with the Penguins.

All big games. Of course.

16 thoughts on “Price Is Priceless As Canadiens Shoot Down Hawks.”

  1. As nice as it is to see the team playing better it was sure nice last year when they had already clinched a playoff spot by now. Here we are back to going down to the wire. We are certainly seeing parity in the league when there are so many teams clustered in the # 5 to #10 spots. I wonder if those races will make it harder for those teams to go very far in the playoffs.

  2. Everything fell apart this year, goaltending, Kovalev, coaches – everything. But there’s still time to straighten things up. Yep, you’re right, it was nice to have a top spot clinched already like last year. I was also sure Price was ruined for good, but it seems he’s back.

  3. Yes, yes, I know, I shouldn’t. I’m sorry. But ….

    I posted this Jan 28:

    “…… now is the time to step up and show unwavering support for the team. This IS a very good team with the potential to excel. They will bounce back and they will be the better for this adversity. Clearly, their collective focus is askew hence the apparent lack of intensity as everybody strives to `make the big play’. This will pass. Curiously, this streak coincides with all the numb-brained chatter re Lecavalier. To what extent has this had a negative impact on team morale? The rather crude implication that the players aren’t good enough? The creeping insecurity that accompanies such a crass manifestation of lack of confidence?

    As for Kovalev, enough of the unrealistic expectations that he be other/more that what he is, a superbly talented very good player who is NOT a Richard/Beliveau/Lafleur/Gainey/Robinson – as the team goes, so goes Kovalev, not vice versa.

    As for Price, that he was so visibly distraught over his performance is, to my mind, a positive thing. It assures me that he will work even harder to put his game back together again – Humpty Dumpty, he is not. Nor is the team.”

  4. I’ve been watching the games on RDS for a while now, and I have one thing to say:
    Benoit Brunet needs to shut his whore mouth.
    Or do a 69 with Joel Bouchard, so they can both shut their fucking traps.
    I swear to gawd, the Habs could kill the competition, and the fat-bastard washout that is Benoit Brunet would still find something to criticise. And, if you can make it to intermission, you have Bouchard to take up the slack. So, basically, RDS has two never-weres who couldn’t even be traded for a bag of pucks to comment on how much the Habs aren’t playing well.
    Besides that, great game last night (I switched to TSN), but I’m still no positive that there will be a post-season for us.

  5. Michel- crude but true assessment of Brunet. If the game’s on TSN (and if my girlfriend is not watching as she doesn’t understand English…) I always watch it there, or even on CBC – anything to avoid RDS.
    And it’s really sad for Pierre Houde as he’s an outstanding play by play guy – it shows he misses Yvon.

    As for Bouchard, well at the start of the season I thought he was interesting and he had good ideas. But the thing is, he only has about 10 good hockey concepts, and they keep coming back, and coming back, and coming back… It gets tiresome as he’s always repeating the same thing. At least though he’s always relevant to the game we’re watching…

  6. Well, the whole “whore mouth” thing is from Anchorman, but I’ll stick by it regardless. 🙂
    But, man, when Brunet was dumping on A Kostistsyn (sp?) for trying to avenge the hit on his bro (cheap but legal), that was pretty much it for me. If no one had done anything, Brunet would have said that the team didn’t stick up for each other. If they do react, well, then it’s just a bad penalty.
    Bouchard, you can see him literally (and I mean literally) licking his chops at he gets ready to show some video of on play where the Habs did something wrong.
    Now, I’m not interested in having a homer announcer like Jack Edwards calling our games, but I’m not interested either in listening to two hours of dumping on the team, especially when they’re winning. Like Houle, I miss Pedneault, but I get a kick out of listening to his semi-anti-English position on CKAC, and then to see him sucking on the corporate tit at the CBC on Saturday nights.

  7. James, knowing one’s hockey is hardly a measure of `wisdom’. I mean, take jordy, for example, he knows his hockey (at least, he seems to) yet he persists in the utter folly of being a canucklehead. However, in my roughly sixty years of skating with my head down, I have gleaned some hard-earned insights from my foolishness the top ten of which are:

    1) Listen to me good when I talk to you son/Don’t do what I did when I did what I done
    2) Wisdom is overrated.
    3) Take care of your teeth.
    4) Don’t fall on your head.
    5) When you do fall on your head, get up as quickly as possible.
    6) Look everywhichway before you cross ….
    7) Beware of false friends.
    8) Don’t skate with your head down.
    9) Learn to enjoy being wrong.
    10) Roy’s sweater should NOT have been retired.

    I, of course, reserve the right to modify this list at my whim.


  8. Aaaarrrgh, I’ve been slammed by a Happy Face! How rude. And to think, some people objected to der Habinator – he would never have done anything nearly as aggressive. Whoever the culprit may be, I assure you that a Pumpernickel you are not!

  9. Jordy doesn’t know his hockey. He thinks the Canucks are actually a hockey team! Imagine.

  10. Jim. I’m confused. If you didn’t put the happy face on your comment, how did it get there? I didn’t put it there, and they don’t just appear by themselves, or do they? I’m confused. Or did you put it there and are joking? Fill me in, please.

  11. Dennis, you have the smileys option activated for comments. Therefore, when Jim type in 8 and then closed the parenthesis, it’s understood as a keyboard shortcut for “cool dude with sunglasses.”

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