Price Holds The Fort In Habs Win

With both Boston and Pittsburgh winning their games today, the Canadiens found themselves down in fourth place for several hours. So they did something about it. They went out and beat the Devils 2-1 in Newark and catapulted themselves right back to the top of the class again.

I’m not going to ramble on tonight. But I can say that Colby Armstrong finally scored a goal, one that gave the Canadiens a 1-0 lead in the first, and after New Jersey had tied it in the second on a power play, Tomas Plekanec deflected a big shot from rookie Jarred Tinordi in the third for the winner. And with Carey Price coming up big, the boys get it done and find themselves enjoying their second five-game winning streak of the season.

Wow! It just keeps going. It almost feels like it’s not really happening, and if I didn’t think it would hurt, I’d pinch myself.

Random Notes:

Tinordi looked poised and was plus-2 on the night. Armstrong’s goal, a nice shot to the corner, was unassisted.

PK Subban was great again, and we might not see as much flash anymore, but we’re seeing one of the top d-men in the game.

Lars Eller had some nice moments also. It really seems this guy has turned a huge corner.

New Jersey outshot Montreal 33-22.

Next up – Tuesday in Montreal, when the team meets and greets the Buffalo Sabres.

8 thoughts on “Price Holds The Fort In Habs Win”

  1. Got to watch the game on live internet[whatever that is] but the boys did what they had to do. Seen shades of Cole going down the side– but it was Eller!! T h Great Dane’s coming on strong!!Getting used to the wins.P.K.seems to give a calming effect out there.

  2. I don’t think I understand deflections. Aren’t they pure luck? If I deflect a puck and my back is to the net, how can I be certain it will go in that direction. The same goes for if I face the net, how can I be sure the puck will hit my stick if I don’t have eyes behind my head? Am I missing something? The puck is travelling so fast, I can’t see making a split decision to veer it (knowingly) in the right direction. Equally, what if the puck is heading in the right direction? Do I extend my stick just the same and risk it missing all together? It’s not like the puck is slowly coming in…this is all so confusing to me.

  3. Marjo, here is an excellent instructional video by Hockey Canada on the subject of tips and deflections. Perfecting this technique requires good hand and eye coordination and plenty of practice. While there is the odd flukey deflection that bounces off someone’s skate or body and into the net, the majority of deflections are the result of countless hours of practice.

  4. Marjo, when I was a smallish-yet-shifty right winger for Byers Bulldozers, there were times when I would stand in front of the net and wait for a deflection. Then the coach told me I should do it at the other team’s net.

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