Price Got His Finger Stuck In A Bowling Ball

TSN has been airing the Bell TV series ‘Your Canadiens’, which is a brief look at different Habs as they go about their business in Montreal with smiling interviewer Anne-Marie Withenshaw tagging along.

For instance, Carey Price went out and bought a brand spanking-new bowling ball which was kind of fun to watch, and when he tried it out his finger got stuck.

I also noticed that Price has a lovely girlfriend and he’s also extremely nice and polite to his girlfriend’s mother who had joined the gang for the day. I think he’s sucking up to his future mother-in-law.

Price is polite and easy-going, and looks like he’s pretty darn relaxed and content nowadays. And when the segment was filmed he was still wearing his mustache.

The first episode I saw, however, didn’t go off quite as well. Anne-Marie and her camera person went to dinner with Andrei Markov, who looked like he’d rather be at the dentist getting a root canal. I felt sorry for Anne -Marie. It was sort of like a talk show host trying to interview Robert de Niro. Just a lot of one-word answers and pauses throughout. But there was a ton of food on the table.

Markov is Russian through and through, and many of them just aren’t the exuberant type. They’re still nice people though.

Speaking of not being exuberant, Tomas Plekanac was quite the serious fellow, but the interesting part was also spending the afternoon with Tomas’ girlfriend who is a famous pop star in the Czech Republic. She speaks five languages, laughs a lot, and mentioned that Tomas is a lousy dancer.

Brian Gionta chatted with Anne-Marie at his lovely home with a winding staircase and from the little of it we saw, resembles the home on the Beverly Hillbillies. Anne-Marie put her feet up on the couch and asked Brian about being captain of the Habs and he said all the right things about being honoured to wear it and what comes with being captain and all that. The two of them also went Christmas shopping at a mall and definitely, his kids must enjoy mighty fine Christmas’.

Mike Cammalleri is all business off the ice. He brought in his personal trainer from Toronto and gets acupuncture, rubdowns, and stretches, and is a chiseled specimen much like myself. He’s also a partner in a sports drink business and looks just like any young and successful Wall St. yuppie.

Mike has a display on a wall of his house in downtown Montreal featuring a golfball which heralds his hole-in-one, a feat none of his teammates believed. He also said that playing a round with golf legend Fred Couples was the most star-struck he’s ever been.

My question is, with hockey season, golf season, working with his trainer and going to business meetings, when does he have time for his girlfriend?

I don’t know how many more of  ‘Your Canadiens’ there are, but I’ve enjoyed the ones I’ve seen, these little looks at the boys off their skates. I’ve always liked behind-the-scenes footage and I thought the airing of HBO’s 24/7 a few months ago was incredibly interesting. Even though it featured two other teams, neither of which wore the CH.

I also thought Withenshaw had a tough job doing this. I’m sure most of these guys would prefer not doing this sort of thing and the looks on their faces showed it. But hey boys, for the money you make, sometimes you have to do some extra stuff.

3 thoughts on “Price Got His Finger Stuck In A Bowling Ball”

  1. Dennis, you can watch Your Canadiens anytime you want on Youtube which seems to have all the episodes in both English of French and they’re comercial-free.

    Here’s the Hal Gill episode…

  2. I’m surprised to admit it, but I’m sort of proud of my pathetic Ontario teams today. They may think Dennis, that you’re coming to visit them.

  3. Yeah, Chris. Ottawa and Toronto knocking off Tampa and Boston. Now it’s up to Montreal to take advantage of this.

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