Price Gone For Series

Carey Price is on the shelf for at least the Eastern Conference Final, with the following just released from CBC:

Montreal Canadiens coach Michel Therrien told the media on Monday morning that Carey Price will not be available to the club for the remainder of the season.

Price was injured in Game 1 when New York Rangers forward Chris Kreider collided into the net after a scoring bid.

Price had been outstanding for Montreal through two playoff series until New York’s 7-2 in on Saturday.

Therrien said he wasn’t sure if Price would be available for the Stanley Cup final if Montreal were to come back against the Rangers.

Montreal’s tandem will now be comprised of Peter Budaj and Dustin Tokarski.

4 thoughts on “Price Gone For Series”

  1. This will be a serious character check.

    The Gazette says he’s gone for the series, so maybe it’s just a two week event…

    OK, why I’m optimistic… 1) Budaj played well in stretches. He was poison to Boston; 2) Tokarski played well this season; 3) Our guys are capable of playing shutdown hockey. This means that Bourque is in the pressbox because he’s a defensive liability; 4) a rookie named Dryden with limited experience; 5) I see things only in bleu, blanc, rouge!

    I still believe! GHG!

  2. How did we go from
    – he’s fine, he can keep playing
    – everyone’s having an off day, lets pull him for the third
    – he might need to take one game off
    – he’s gone for the year
    – maybe he can be back if we make the Finals

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