Price Gets New Hat

From last week’s Coast Mountain News, which covers areas of BC’s interior, is this story and pictures sent to me by my buddy Beatnik near Williams Lake.

“In town to promote his new role as First Nations Ambassador for the Breakfast Club of Canada, Price was excitedly received by his biggest fans: the Ulkatcho community.” – with the full story here – NHL Superstar Carey Price Honoured by Community in Anahim Lake.

I’ll look closer at the pictures as soon as I finish looking at his wife.


Price 2

5 thoughts on “Price Gets New Hat”

  1. Geez Dennis, I thought we were going to get a look at a new goalie mask! It’s good to see players giving their time to these communities. Reminds me of what Joe Juneau did in Northern Quebec.

  2. DK, I understand that hat was woven together from whats left of your Palm trees in Powell River, I think Beatnik sold them!!

  3. Price isn’t bad himself…

    Dennis, have you heard about Gomez? He had a chat with Lou in NJ saying he wants a chance to play again.

    He said:”It’s still there.”

    You can make a very funny post with that comment.

  4. Marjo, that’s unbelievable. If he makes the Devils then we know it’s a team in trouble. The guy’s long done. If he makes the team, I’m not sure I could watch the Habs play the Devils and see this guy again. It brings back nightmares. Honestly, I can’t see him making any team. He was a healthy scratch many times last year with Florida. Damn.

  5. Mike-that was supposed to “our” secret!!! Mind you I got a good Price (no pun intended) for them.

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