Price Finally On Dotted Line

It’s been announced that Carey Price has signed a two-year deal with the Montreal Canadiens for an undisclosed amount, and finally that one lingering and nagging question of when he would ink his name on a new deal can finally be put to bed.

Now we can get down to the business of waiting to see who the captain will be and how quickly Andrei Markov can heal and be ready to lace ’em up.

But it was the Price/contract situation that’s been the big news all along after Jaroslav Halak was sent to St. Louis. There was speculation that Price wouldn’t sign, that he’d go on strike, that he would play hardball with the team because he’s the number one designate. But it’s gotten done before training camp, which is a relief, and Price can now report to camp and start concentrating on upping his game.

Money talks are always disruptive but this saga is officially in the past now. Here’s hoping Carey Price earns his keep in a big way, and spends his new raise, whatever it is, wisely.

8 thoughts on “Price Finally On Dotted Line”

  1. Too much, especially on the day the Stanley Cup winning goalie signs for a mere $2M. His play better live up to his ego. Or as a wise man recently wrote “It’s Very Simple; Just Earn It – That’s all the team and its fans are asking”

  2. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Price fan, but now that they’ve lost Halak, they’re going to need another solid goaltender, this year is going to be the most stressful season Carey’s going to have so far in his career, now that he doesn’t have anybody else to rely on.

  3. Phil, I completely agree with you. It’s going to stressful, for Price and us, and I remember Alex Auld’s days with the Canucks where he was a very mediocre backup. I keep thinking the team knows something we don’t, like they know for sure that Price will pull up his socks and become an all-star. But we haven’t seen much of this yet.

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