Price And Subban Invited

Radio hosts on Montreal’s TSN 690 were aghast when they heard somewhere that P.K. Subban will have to battle for a spot on Canada’s National Team going to Sochi for the Winter Olympics.

I’m aghast too. P.K. won the Norris Trophy this past season as the league’s top d-man. Does he need other qualifications?

A Norris Trophy winner has a spot on the team, plain and simple. Whoever said he’ll have to fight for a spot needs to get to the hospital and have the glue melted off his brain cells.

P.K. and Carey Price will be at the orientation camp in Calgary next month, and it’s a different story for Price, who will be battling with Chicago’s Corey Crawford, Vancouver’s Roberto Luongo, Washington’ Braden Holtby, and Phoenix’ Mick Smith for one of three netminding jobs available.

If Price plays like he did last spring, he won’t be going to Sochi. But if he plays like we’ve seen him at times, he could be Canada’s number one guy. It’ll be interesting see how things go for Price and Team Canada. It’ll reflect on his day job.

And Subban? C’mon.

4 thoughts on “Price And Subban Invited”

  1. Hey Dennis ,I feel Carey is going to be going,not sure which number he will be wheter it’s 1,2,or three but H will be going for sure,P.K. on the other hand should be a no brainer , he has the drive and the talent to make this team hands down.

  2. Nothing seems to come easy for PK. But that’s OK. It’s just going to light a fire inside him.

    He’ll show them what he’s capable of.

    I agree Price has to be like he was for the first half of the season. After the Habs clinched the playoffs something weird happened and I still haven’t quite figured it out.

  3. I almost think that it would be better if Carey was NOT selected–it might be the proverbial “kick in the pants” that he seems to need to get himself on track.

  4. PK’s going. I’ll get him on the plane myself if I have to! As for Price, unless Waite helps correct a lot of his flaws, I would cringe each time the puck is in our zone. Crawford to me is a no-brainier. He won the Stanley Cup.

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