Price And Subban Come Up Big

Carey Price was often sensational and P.K. Subban scored a couple of beauties as the Canadiens edged the Colorado Avalanche 3-2 Saturday night at the Bell Centre.

Five wins and just one loss, but without getting carried away, it was Colorado’s third-string goaltender Calvin Pickard between the pipes, and we still had to hold our breath as the clock wound down.

It truly would’ve sucked if a third-stringer shut the door. But he didn’t, so maybe I’ll just quit talking about it.

The Canadiens once again were forced to play catch up, with the Avs leading 1-0 after the first frame. Max would fall short on a clear cut breakaway, and we moaned and groaned. (I’m assuming you moaned and groaned).

But the second period took a definite turn, beginning with a P.K. blast from just inside the blueline on a power play.

Finally this guy was solved, and nightmares regarding a rawer than raw goaltender beating our team were put to rest. If someone’s gonna have a storybook night, let it be against another team.

Shortly after, cooler than cool stuff happened, if you’re a Habs fan of course, which, according to the organization, approximately 10 million around the world are. (How do they count something like that?)

Alex Galchenyuk jumped out of the penalty box, took a nice feed from Brandon Prust, and gave the guys a 2-1 lead. More and more, we’re seeing fine hints of soon-to-be superstardom from Galchenyuk. Just like we knew we would.

Jarred Tinordi, showing again that he’s the team’s tough guy, got his licks in on Avs’ tough guy Cody McLeod, and ain’t it grand when our tough guy can also play, unlike George Parros and Georges Laracque.

Speaking of Georges Laraque, I’m reading his autobiography that Danno sent me, and Georges, according to himself, is the world’s greatest person. He won every fight, he’s a saint in many, many ways, he was underappreciated and never used properly as a hockey player, and the only reason he decided to play for the Habs was because his mother lived in Montreal.

Maybe I’ll talk more about Georges another time. But back to things that matter – the game. Not that I don’t appreciate Danno’s gift. Thanks again Danno.

The highlight of the night? P.K. Subban, out of the penalty box, chased down the puck, swooped in behind the Avs net with a defenceman losing his footing, found himself with the puck in front of Pickard, moved to the right and beat the young fellow with all the swagger P.K. could muster.

If you missed it, it’s at the bottom.

A goal that put smiles on 20,000 folks at the Bell, and a big slice of the 10 million Habs fans around the world who saw it. If they have Rogers of course.

In the third period, Price came up big several times, but the game was narrowed to 3-2 when, with Pickard pulled for an extra attacker, a deflection fooled our guy, making P.K’s second goal even more heroic.

But that was it. The team held the fort, it ended 3-2, and we exhaled.

Five wins and one loss to start the 2014-15 season. If you’re wondering, the boys were 4-2 last year after six games.

Random Notes:

Canadiens outshot the Avs 36-34.

Overall a fine win, with Price, P.K., and Chucky sparkling, Manny Malhotra winning draws and playing like the mature player he is, and I thought Eller skated well and at least he finally has a point now in his six games, collecting an assist on P.K’s winner.

Next up, Tuesday when Detroit visits. The Canadiens’ only game until next Saturday.



8 thoughts on “Price And Subban Come Up Big”

  1. P.K has too much swagger, P.K. is too disrespectfull, P.K. has too earn the respect of other players first, P.K. shouldn’t be trash talking Sid The Kid, P.K. is a liability on defence———on and on it goes!!But when 21,000 rise as one and rattle the rafters at the Bell—P.K.has done what he paid to do—entertain the paying fans!!Oh yeah, fergot ta mention, P.K. can play pretty good too. His desire too win as a team is foremost.[Hello Brew-inns from Beantown] It seems this season a few other guys can rise 21,00 bodies to their feet— Tinordy , beautiful fight!! I don’t like our boys going ’round starting ’em, BUT sure like them that get bullyish receive an attitude adjustment from one of our own. Does #27 have any resemblance to another #27? Came over from the Leafs when they could still win Cups. We may not have a parade THIS spring but it wouldn’t hurt to reserve a vehicle for sooner than later. In the meantime, we’ll get to watch entertaining hockey AND witness a certain “site manager” be his ‘ole happy optimistic self after too many years of CH disarray. The crusty goats on this site give me hope for the hockey part of my life and enable me to wear with pride my CH toque in a area of Leaf fans!! Always was proud to support them, but now I got “family” to sustain me when the going gets rough. Did I see Vulture birds gliding over the Boston Gardens ready to pluck some dead meat?

  2. Nice stuff, Peter. A team to be reckoned with and a team to take pride in. I couldn’t as much during the Gomez years but I can now. Last year too. My wife and I agreed before the game started that PK had been a bit on the quiet side, and then last night….pow! And 5 wins and a loss to start the season is terrific and a big thing now for me is to see them pay back Tampa Bay the next time they meet. Montreal’s on their way up and Boston isn’t. Just gotta keep it going. And maybe it’s good in a way that they fall behind early. Remember the times they’d jump out into a big lead and fall into some kind of defensive pattern and end up losing. This way, they can’t afford to do that.

  3. What I find so beautiful to watch is the amount of time we are in the other zone –for at least 3 games now. When this happens I look at the scoreboard to see if we have a powerplay and low and behold we don’t! It’s 5 on 5! This is something very different for our team. I love it!

  4. Great point, Marjo. When they pick up steam they often look tremendous. I just wish they didn’t play from behind all the time. But they’re winning so I can’t really complain. Proud of the team right now.

  5. Hey Dennis, what a goal what a game eh? Great to see the excitement P.K. can cause and coming out of the box at that. That’s two that way last nite beautty. Mr.plekanec has been doing well, awesome hockey talent.

  6. I sense there is a lot of chemistry and heart in this team. They find ways to win when Price isn’t at his best and Price keeps us in the game when things go slightly awry.

    The goals by Galchenyuk and Subban busting out of the penalty box were masterpieces.

    Jiri Sekac, P.A. Parenteau, Manny Malhotra and Jarred Tinordi are really key upgrades in my opinion. And I like the way the Habs keep the offensive pressure on for the final 20 minutes. Sitting on a one or two goal lead and playing Jacques Martin hockey used to drive me nuts. I’m not biting my nails down to the bone anymore like I used to.

    I have really good feelings about this team.

  7. Agree for sure Danno. Good upgrades – Parenteau has 5 points, Malhotra adds maturity and face off skills, Tinordi adds toughness and youth, and Sekac is slowly showing a big skill set. This ain’t Jacques Martin hockey. It’s elite team hockey.

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