Price And Power Play The Difference In Boston

It was a nice, solid 3-1 win in Boston for the Habs, a satisfying feeling seeing the team get it done in areas they’ve fallen short in lately, and once again, Carey Price comes through in a big way

It was much more than just Price on this night. It was also, and for those unaware I hope you’re sitting down – two big power plays goals, one by PK Subban and another by Brian Gionta at a time when power play goals are rarer than dodo birds. And while you’re grabbing for the smelling salts at the thought of that, think about the idea of Scott Gomez also scoring.

It’s almost too much to fathom.

It was a team effort. Mike Cammalleri had two assists, Plekanec, Kostitsyn, Markov, and Hamrlik had one apiece, and the PhD line deserves an upcoming Christmas bonus for giving an honest day’s work.  Once again, Pouliot, Darche and Halpern managed to get both their chances and their noses dirty throughout the night.  

If I smoked and had a cigar, it would be a good time right now to sit back and blow smoke rings with a silly little grin on my face.

Back to Carey Price. He’s been outstanding for the Habs this year, has calmed down the naysayers, made believers of non-believers, stifled the boos. And yet, my friend Beatnik got an email from someone he knows who says she’s a Habs fan, yet here’s what she wrote. ”

“He SUCKS!  What’s even worse is he is a poor sport and a bad loser and he seems to have a chip on his shoulder.  Never smiles.  Looks really sad for a young lad like himself!  Not HAB material I’m afraid.”

So there you go.

I’d like to reply to this person. Lady, you’re not a Habs fan even if you say you are. I don’t know who you’ve been watching but it certainly hasn’t been Carey Price. He’s been the team’s best player this year and you’re just not paying attention. I’m trying to be polite here. And I feel sorry for your husband.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal – 41-35 Habs

Tuukka Rask should say a little prayer of thanks to Jacques Plante for goalies masks being worn because the guy took three shots off the face from Habs shooters. Without a mask on, Rask might need one to go out in public after tonight.

Next up – Saturday when Carolina visits the Bell Centre.


27 thoughts on “Price And Power Play The Difference In Boston”

  1. Hey Dennis, …..out and about so couldnt get back to you earlier……well done win over the canucks…….but as u ….cant switch teams, ….was abit wearly about keeping price but maybe it was a good call

  2. Thanks Sandy. Nice of you to say that. And Price has been great and he was once again in Boston tonight. And Sandy, if you don’t want to switch teams in public you can do it quietly so nobody will notice. You and I can talk Habs at work. Wouldn’t that be fun?

  3. Hey Dennis, Well what do you think went on in Boston?A Carey on picture of the night before. I cant believe…well i can how well Carey Price is playing.He was the differnce tonite again,sorry to hear that a fan has said he was terrble. He has played just phenominal to say the least

  4. Price rocked tonight. McGuire’s Monster. And in Boston. He is certainly walking to a different tune this year. We’re seeing the real deal. I was probably pissed at him last year but I think I was pissed at the whole tema at times. Let’s enjoy this cause it is rarely better.

  5. I don’t know how many times I’ve commented on Price’s impressive play so far this season. All he does is keep impressing me.
    I’m happy to see Gomez and Gionta finally score, it was about time!
    And it was also nice to see PK score his first NHL Regular season goal, it was pretty nice for a first goal, they’re usually really sloppy.

  6. Dennis, how could anyone not love this crazy bunch of beautiful bastards? Beatnik’s friend needs to give her head a shake and start cheering for the team that always seems to surprise the sceptics.
    Price is a wonderful young man. He may not go around saying very much or behave like a giggling idiot, but that’s the beauty of him. Steady and stoic whatever the weather.
    As I said earlier, when the floodgates open for Gomez, Gionta and Cammalleri we will be in for a real treat. They haven’t been a big factor for much of the season but the rest of the team has managed to pull off wins in spite of that.
    Notably, lines like Eller, Moen and Pyatt as well as Pouliot, Halpern and Darche perform with such intensity that eventually it has to rub off on the big-money players.
    Now the sleeping giant has awokened and it’s like having gravy on top of gravy.
    I think last night was the begining of something big.

  7. Danno, I think Montreal impressed Boston players and fans too. It was just a really good game for the guys. And this lady who talked about Price…….gawd. What has she been watching this year? Because it certainly hasn’t been Price. And you’re right, wait until everybody gets going!

  8. Phil, for sure Price has been the biggest story of the year. Maybe in the entire league. It’s like he’s come back from the dead. The team decided on him and they were right.

  9. I’m with you Mayo. Price is a different guy this year. Maybe he needed to know he’s the number one. Whatever, we’ll take it.

  10. lol, great comments. I think the best part was watching the bruin frustration everytime they tried to get something going, it was difficult for them and when they got through, Price stood them up. Boston has a lot of skill players and are against the cap. Hopefully they make some dumb moves. Toronto is really f*cking everything up with their stupid two picks to boston. How stupid ios burke. We’re gonna pay big time for the next few years but then again Boston will screw things up like they always do.

    One highlight was Eller challenging small Big Nose (33). I think Lars Eller may not have his marbles in a row to do that. Big Big Nose (17) was pretty quiet.

  11. i have had confidence in price all along and felt they made the right choice in keeping him……… not to say i told you so, but i told you so. hopefully he will continue to make me appear like i know what i’m talking about sometimes……… good for him.

  12. Nothing like finishing work on a Thursday and heading home to watch the Vancouver game (was watching football on Wednesday) on the ESPN player.

    Even better to head home on Friday, beer, home made chips, breaded fish (not Captain Birdseye) and baked beans prepared before sitting down to savour a win over Boston.

    Didn’t see that coming, particularly when they put 8 past the Pingus, though maybe the back to back games helped a little?

    Two good solid games over teams in form. The fireworks are still damp but they’re moving in the right direction.

    The NESN commentary. Grudging doesn’t begin to describe it. Made it sound like the Bruins were up against a load of no-marks who were lucky that the puck kept following them around. I know they commentate for the local market but lordy 2 men with one eye between them. If you listen closely you can here the pop as it comes out of the socket when they pass it back and forth.

    It’s been great to wake up on 2 mornings to check the score then pop over here for the low down.

  13. Oh yes, Dennis (Danno, the brains trust generally) meant to ask you this. A lot of high scoring games this week. Any particular reason or just happenstance?

  14. First of all, great post Dennis – as per usual and I’ve much enjoyed the commentariat’s contributions here as well. Special thanks to bluebayou who made me spit out my CocaCola with “2 men with one eye between them. If you listen closely you can here the pop as it comes out of the socket when they pass it back and forth.” Blue – you may owe me a keyboard. Just sayin.’

    Dennis, if anyone was on acid it was probably me. I could have sworn that Gomez drove hard to the net and failed to make stupid decisions with the puck most of night, or play “hot potato” with it.

    Whenever I think I’ve got this team pegged into their nice little “bubble team” contenders package they tell me to eff off. I do so love them for that. 41 shots on goal by Les Boys? Yeah… clearly I’m trippin’ here. 😉

  15. Thanks, Tyg. I must’ve been on acid too. I could’ve sworn I saw Gomez be effective. Can he do it again on Saturday? We’ll just have to stayed tuned. And if Blue Bayou was born several hundred years ago, he’d be William Shakespeare. Or maybe he’s been a member of Monty Python and just hasn’t told us.

  16. Blue Bayou, about these high-scoring games. I think the dust is settling a little. Players and teams are starting to come back to earth. Except, of course, the Habs, who are skyrocketing into outer space.

  17. Blue Bayou, I see your beloved CHelsea is sitting pretty on top of the English Premier League.
    That’s very good and I hope they go all the way..
    I see they beat Fulham one nil.
    I often wondered how soccer fans could sit through games with such low scores like that. But I realize now it is an acquired taste and that there is more to be said about a tight match where both teams battle admirably as opposed to one where sloppiness leads to many not-so-golden goals.
    Soccer is a sport where the goals are usually scarce, unlike hockey where they can sometimes come in banana-sized bunches.
    I guess a 3-2 score in soccer would be a considered a high-scoring game but it’s not unusual at all in hockey.
    Carey Price is doing his part to keep the various enemy teams from scoring too many goals — with two shutouts so far and nobody being able to score more than three goals in regulation time.
    The Canadiens are not known for chalking up big blowout victories. They tend to win by one or two goals and that’s it.
    It’s mainly due to the Jacques Martin System which is very conservative and relies on capturing the lead and playing a tight defensive game.
    Other teams, like Washington play a more wide open style.
    One thing is for sure. If you don’t score at least one goal you won’t win the game.
    That is why we were really pleased to see our usual goal scorers (Gionta, Gomez, Cammalleri et al) snap out of their slumps and contribute like they did against Boston.

    By the way, the highest scoring NHL hockey game ever occured in 1920 when the Montreal Canadiens beat the Toronto St. Patricks 14-7.

  18. I’m with you, Bayou. The ESPN group just don’t cut it. But that’s always been the case, especially with the American announcers. Montreal fights an uphill battle to get respect and it’s going to take a Cup before it happens across the media board to be sure. People salivate at the thought of Montreal failing because of the team’s past history. It’s shameful. But ESPN or not, at least you’re seeing the games. Just don’t put too much stock in what the announcers say. Many of them are terrible homers. And that beer, baked beans, and fish and chips is making me salivate.

  19. And Mayo, good for Eller for showing some grit. I liked that a lot. And you’re, Burke made some serious boo boos. What a great game. Even Canucks fans at work were talking about how good the Habs looked. Imagine.

  20. Dennis, this just in from Boston. Nancy and I were at the game Thursday night. What a beauty!!!! (I had 2 vacation days and am back now.) P.K. Subban getting a the first goal was a beauty. We were in the balcony and admired that shot from afar. A fine night and a more than a few beers had us singing Ole Ole!

  21. Dennis, I’m like a woman with two good men. I can’t help myself love them both. The better team won and that’s the why it goes.

    I am a huge fan of Subban and Gionta. Price, too. That rascal Cammalleri makes me smile.

  22. Diane, you can’t love two men at the same time. It’ll probably come down to a dual and one gets his head blown off. I swear, you have to move north and exorcise those demons in your head that wear gold and black.

  23. Dennis, I’m saving up for my move North. I promise. Alright, Nancy’s your favorite sister. I’ll take my time out. (Dang that Cam Neely, he and Bobby Orr are to blame.)

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