Price And P.K. Lead Team

On one hand it was a very solid 3-0 win over the New York Rangers. On the other it wasn’t, because Carey Price simply shone in goal and came up with a handful of amazing stops to stop any flow or momentum the visiting Rangers tried to muster. But all in all, it was full marks for the Habs in their win, and although New York would come close from time to time, the game seemed under control throughout.

I kind of had this calm and relaxed inner peace from the first drop of the puck. Somehow I knew they’d win and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because this team is SO FREAKING GOOD THIS YEAR.

Michael Ryder scored his team’s first of the night, Tomas Plekanec made it 2-0 after one period, and Brendan Gallagher scored the third on the power play in the second. Ryder, Plekanec, and Gallagher – three guys getting it done. And P.K. Subban notching three assists and continuing to be the best defenceman in the world.

Several guys going good, and Price holding the fort. Now if only Max, Desharnais, and Gionta can step it up somewhat. And they will. Max needs another one of those bouncers from centre ice to go in. He started scoring every night, it seemed, after the last one happened, and now it’s time for another springboard. And with Max going, Desharnais will find himself on the scoresheet more often and he’ll quickly find a nice groove. Things snowball and before we know it, another set of guys are winning games for us when Ryder and Gallagher and the others aren’t.

Although Gallagher especially seems to be a terror pretty well every night.

The Rangers have such high-priced talent with the likes of Brad Richards, Rick Nash, and Marian Gaborik, and when teams struggle when they shouldn’t, it’s usually the coach who meets the firing line. Maybe John Tortorella might want to update his resume. And it only goes to show that having a list of big stars on one team doesn’t always guarantee a powerhouse. Often it does, but not always. The Rangers fit the “not always” part.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal – Rangers 34, Montreal 26. Price was sensational on several of those 34.

Carolina’s in town on Monday. Of course the Canadiens need this win. Have I ever said this before?

Brandon Prust was still finding his legs tonight, and at one point, took a puck off one of them and he hobbled to the bench. Thankfully he was back soon after, but he might be a bit sore tomorrow morning. I believe, for the sake of the team, Prust needs his gorgeous girlfriend to massage the painful area.

Nathan Beaulieu, in his first NHL game, saw action on the power play and showed he can skate and make smart plays. I’m sure his parents are very proud and Michel Therrien and Marc Bergevin are very pleased.


8 thoughts on “Price And P.K. Lead Team”

  1. Yeah, can’t say I felt as comfortable as you Dennis but a good result eh? Beaulieu looked very poised as did Tinordi when he was up so could we see both with the big team next year? On one play Beaulieu was racing back and I thought this guy has wheels and decent size too.

  2. I was as relaxed as I’ve been all year for a game, D-John. Not even sure why exactly. And of course it wasn’t like that for the Pittsburgh and Boston games.

  3. I felt a lot of joy watching Tort Elvis yelling at his players who basically shrugged their shoulders as if to say “so what?”

    Ladies and gentlemen, let’s have give a big round of applause for Tort Elvis and Dread Zeppelin:

  4. Hey Dennis,Yes,the Habs played a good game,although it was kinda boring to watch in the first period.I thought it was a game that wasnt going anywhere even after Ryder scored,it then became intresting as Carey Price played like he can.I love that Brendan Gallagher,just always a terror to be reckoned with.Plekanec is always a dangerous guy and Michael Ryder is on fire since joining his fomer team.I was very impressed.

  5. I think the game was a tad boring ad well but what the hell, we won! I still have the mentality at the start of every game that the party’s gonna crash. Just can’t believe we did such a beautiful 180 in one year. I think I’m suffering from PTD.

  6. At the moment, PK Subban who is on fire, leads in points (with 27) among all Habs players.

    On L’Antichambre, Mario Tremblay said the last time a Canadiens’ defenseman lead the roster in points was Sprague Cleghorn way back in 1921.

    A look back in the history of the Canadiens shows Sprague Cleghorn was like PK in more ways than one:


  7. I think the game seemed kind of boring because we’d just come off that thing in Boston. They were a bit sloppy at times, but they were solid enough to win. I think many of their games have been slightly boring and that’s okay. It’s working.

  8. Danno, Sprague not only had one of the great names in hockey, but he was also one of the meanest son of a bitches who ever put skates on. Must have been some kind of truly tough dude.

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