Price And Co. Blank Jets

It was only the first period I was able to see before rushing out the door, and I’ll watch the other two later tonight, so it’s not like I’m going to ramble on about how the Habs did this and didn’t do that.

But I know they won 3-0, I know Max Pacioretty opened the scoring, Alexei Emelin came through with a shorthanded marker, and Tomas Plekanec scored a power play goal, a rare event by any standards, not just for Pleks but for the team in general.

So throw in all of this, along with Carey Price holding the fort, and if you’re a Habs fan who likes football, this Super Bowl Sunday is a fine Sunday indeed.

It’s two points we’ll take, and for those of you who are hoping we’ll end up in last place overall and land that cherished first-round draft pick, did you think we’d lose every night from here on in?

For me, a win is a win is a win, and I hope by some weird and divine intervention, these boys go on an extended and miraculous win streak. There’s just no way I can give up on this team in early February. It’s not in my blood.

But nonetheless, things remain dire to say the least.

I’d also like to bring up a popular subject – Scott Gomez. I notice more and more around the web, people defending Gomez, finding good things about him, and arguing that he doesn’t deserve people coming down hard on him. It’s not his fault his contract is so large, they say.

I have no sympathy for Mr. Gomez. No goals in a year, just 7 assists so far this season, and forget about the contract, the fact remains that the team is in trouble, we’ve needed him to help along the way, and he hasn’t. That’s what it’s all about, helping the team. If Gomez had popped several by now, or even added to his meagre assists total, we might be a half dozen points up the ladder. But he hasn’t helped, and for that I don’t forgive him.

I’m puzzled by Habs fans who have become warm and fuzzy about this guy as the team struggles. Gomez is probably a fine fellow, a class act as Josh Gorges described him, but it means nothing to me. It’s all about the team winning, and because Gomez hasn’t scored one lousy goal in a complete year, he hasn’t done his share by a country mile.

You won’t see me cheering the guy.

10 thoughts on “Price And Co. Blank Jets”

  1. Dennis, today I’m giving Gomez a pass on his efforts. For the Plekanec goal the official scorers did everything they could to find evidence the puck glanced off his ass or something on the way into the net. No such luck for him, but the fact that he was in the right area is a good sign.

    For me Plekanec was the star today. The short-handed pass over the defender’s stick to Emelin for the empty net goal was a beauty. And Price’s shut-out was well earned. I still don’t know how he made those two back-to-back saves early in the third period.

  2. I loved the way Emelin played, hitting everything in sight plus chipping on offense and getting a goal too. He has really come around after a bit of a transition phase where he had to adjust to the NHL style of play. Emelin is a keeper.

  3. Danno, Emelin’s a beauty and has become one of the team’s best players. I love his hard-hitting style. Still waiting for his first interview. I’m itching to hear what he thinks about North America and playing for the Habs.

  4. Hey Dennis,Yup you missed a good one,Carey played well,well enough to be named first star …again.Emilin is a beauty,I like his hard hits and his stay at home style.P.K. played a good game,he is throwing his weight around more now,give him time he will be a good one as well.I realize it was the Jets,the boys looked good today.

  5. Slumping Pens, NYI and Toronto next. 6 ould be nice. Ithink we have a goodchance at 4 or 5 points. They played well.Emelin amazing and shoulda been at the rookiepart of ASG. Most imortantly they defended well in third. If they have the best PK, why cant they defend in the 3rd? Perplexing.

  6. Dennis, ask and you shall receive.

    Here’s a post-game interview with Alexei Emelin. It’s not very long and the lighting is bad at the begining but I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from him…

  7. DK, I think the fans in Montreal are so depressed by our teams play that they feel they needed an outlet to have some fun & cheer on Gomez. It was a good effort but if it play’s itself out like the past maybe just maybe we can win two in a row. Just beat the Friggin Laffs Saturday!!!!

  8. I know I’m late to the show but I have no idea what this big love-in for Gomez is coming from all of the sudden. I guess they’re trying to deflect attention away from the team. I keep hearing they are trying to ship him so maybe this is a plant everywhere to help that go through? Who knows.

    He may be a very nice guy and I wish him no ill will but come on, the guy doesn’t have it. At the very least he’d score by accident and he can’t even do that.

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