5 thoughts on “Press Conference”

  1. Hey Dennis,Frggin great,that was just awesome .I laughed out loud quite a few times while watching this,too bad Brian Burke doesn’t put a little humor into his speeches, he is always too serious.

  2. Good one. The voice is perfect. That’s exactly what we know he’s thinking except for “My track record speaks for itself.” That he does say.

  3. They should make a game show out of when you’ll ever see Brian Burke laugh.
    “Will Brian Burke laugh? Stay tuned after the break.”

  4. As a Leaf Fan I loved it ….. That was very funny …

    Hey guys we are on the youth movement now in Toronto . Got to try
    something ….

    Go Kessel Go … 2 firsts and a 2nd ..god he better turn out

    Canadiens look good boys … should go deep with your goaltending

    Go Leafs GO

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