President Obama Weighs In On The Habs, And The Pens Visit

US President Barack Obama shows off the clothes he plans on wearing when the Pittsburgh Penguins visit the White House on Thursday.  “Geez I look good in this,” he quipped. The President also shared his thoughts on the upcoming Crosby and company visit. “I’m not looking forward to it,” he admitted. I’m a Habs fan, not a Penguins fan. I’ll smile and say all the right things, but my heart won’t be in it.’

Obama also had these words for new Canadiens coach Jacques Martin. “Forget about rolling over all four lines on a regular basis,” said the President. “If the big line is going good, give them lots of ice time. They’re not ready for the old folks home, they can handle it.”

And about the captaincy? “Markov should be captain,” said Obama as he got up from his Oval Office chair. “The guy’s a great player and has some seniority now. But I’d like to see him more vocal.”

“We’ll talk more when I get up to the Bell Centre. Right now I’ve got a deficit and the Penguins to deal with,” he said glumly.



9 thoughts on “President Obama Weighs In On The Habs, And The Pens Visit”

  1. Trying to fix the economy: 90 billion dollars
    Medicare for US Citizens: 5 Billion dollars
    Knowing that the President is a Habs fan: Priceless.

  2. Heh. Also, Moey bush jr is too stupid to like the leaf but then again he too is hated by millions and the leaf has harper as a fan.

  3. Think of the play by play if Barrack was to play and enjoyed taking guys out with the body check…the Obama Slamma..the Barack attack,cmon guys help me out.

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