Preparing For Those Nashville Cats

Montreal doesn’t see the Nashville Predators, who they play Thursday night, all that often. This is a team who mostly toils in the west, and aren’t toiling all that well. The Predators have 43 points. (Habs have 56) and sit 12th of 15 teams in the Western Conference. They have one blue-chipper, defenceman Shea Weber, who was a standout for Canada along with Dion Phaneuf at the World Juniors a few years back.


The problem is, they also have Jordin Tootoo, who needs Mike Komisarek to wrap his big hands around his throat a la Marc Savard, and teach the guy to quit wreaking havoc and causing injuries.


The Predators are not to be taken lightly. The Canadiens have been known to be absolutely lousy against lesser teams. Think back to the 3-1 loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning December 11th as a prime example.


I also think some of the boys might be nervous about recent trade talks. Will they stay or will they go.




The Ottawa Senators have now won two straight games, beating Atlanta 3-2 Wednesday night. That means all those people I know in Ottawa who used to be good Montreal Canadiens fans and changed to Senators fans will be popping champagne and kissing women in the street.    

5 thoughts on “Preparing For Those Nashville Cats”

  1. Dennis,

    Another D-man you might want to watch for on the preds is Ryan Sutter. I might also add my lack of blogging on here is due to the fact i have been in the hospital on suicide watch thanks to the play of the canucks. Good luck to your boys tonight in nashville.

    p.s. whats your thoughts on the trade rumors surounding Vinny Lecavalier going to the habs

    I’ve always wanted to see Lecavalier in a Habs uniform. Heck, he even played Jean Beliveau in the Rocket movie. I’m just worried it would disrupt the team, and I would hate to lose PK Subban. But the Habs need a real French-Canadian hero, they haven’t have one since Lafleur, and Daniel Briere copped out.
    Yes, I would like Vinny.
    Luongo should shore up the Canucks. And the jury on Sundin is still out.
    Thanks Jordy. PS. I have a couple of small items to give to you.

  3. jordy, as I’ve said before, a team is only as good as its fans will let it be … hence,the Canuckleheads.
    Even when you canuckleheads did get behind your guys and push them on, it was weird: I mean, c’mon, white surrender towels! The Canuckleheads don’t need ostrich fans, fans who bury their heads in the sand whenever the going gets tough, they need true canuckleheads who’ll get in their faces and call them out when they aren’t playing up to snuff. It’s called `Tuff Luuv’, jordy, one of the very first things that a true fan must learn and which, chez les canuckleheads, is sadly lacking. The moral? Wimpy fans, wimpy team. So, imagine yourself as Clint Eastwood holding a stick to your head and asking youself: Am I a wimpy ostrich fan? Or, am I a genuine canucklehead? What’s it gonna be, `punk’? Hehehe.

    Yeah, Vinnie would look real good in a Habs sweater but unfortunately the price would be waaaaaay to high.

  4. lol thanks for that Jim, but im far from giving up on the ‘nucks, its just getting a little tuff to watch for the time being. I have to say the Clint Eastwood comment has got me thinking a lot clearer though. Its to bad the cost of Vinny is to high tho, its a shame a talent like that is stuck in T.B.

    you and Dennis might be happy to know that im watching the habs play as im typing this right now.

  5. Jordy- good for you that you’re watching the Habs play, unfortunately you didn’t pick up quite the best night to watch them… not a great game tonight.

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