Predictions Are For Gypsies – Toe Blake

I’m with Toe on this, so instead of predictions, I think I’ll just think quiet thoughts about different series, and today I’ll think about the Vancouver Canucks playing the LA Kings because I live near Vancouver and many of my friends, as great as they are, love the Canucks.

They could care less about the Habs, but they love their Canucks.

The Canucks had a good season, better than the Habs (I won’t go into the injury factor with the Habs because as Conn Smythe or Donald Trump or Toe himself probably exclaimed, “excuses are for losers.” The Canucks have the Sedin’s, including Henrik, the twin with a big chance to capture the Hart Trophy for the league’s outstanding player. They have Roberto Luongo in nets, who played a big part in Canada’s Olympic gold medal win. Ryan Kessler is the definitive power forward who shows up every night in a foul mood. And the list goes on of valuable guys people in the east don’t see on a regular basis – Alex Burrows, Mikael Samuelsson, Mason Raymond and others.

The Los Angeles Kings finished just two points behind the Canucks in the regular season (101 to 103), and not only boast several good young forwards like Anze Kopitar, Dustin Brown and Alex Frolov, but also have two of the best young defencemen in the league in Jack Johnson and the guy who should win a bucket of Norris Trophies before his career winds down – Drew Doughty.

And although Luongo is a proven star, his goals-against average sits at 2.57 while LA’s Jonathan Quick is almost identical at 2.54.

So predictions are for gypsies, but when I listen to my gut, I see Vancouver with the possible Hart Trophy winner, and a gold medal goalie. But LA has Drew Daughty and Malibu Beach.

Therefore, I’m picking the LA Kings.

5 thoughts on “Predictions Are For Gypsies – Toe Blake”

  1. Dennis, the only other L.A. King that I really dread to be showing up in this 1st round is Ryan Smith…he’ll definetly be keepin’ our goal keeper hoppin’…and besides, I’m picking the Habs to win against DC. Ovie’s still abit stunned from the outcome of the Olympics or he would have easily managed to get a simple 4 or 5 pts in his last game of the season to knock Hank out of the league leader position in points. Come on… and cheer on the northern west coast team. You know you want to,… deep down… Malibu Beach??? Just abunch of sand and bodies… think about it!

  2. I understand what you’re saying, Jan. But I know too many Canucks fans who hate the Habs and this has swayed my decision.

  3. Okay, I’ll take that Dennis…it’s just too bad that hockey fans have to “hate” the opposition and not just enjoy some great competition. “Enormously dislike” is more my Canadiana or f**k off you bast**ds is far more pleasant.

    Your 1st round – the Habs in 7……..My 1st round the Canucks in 6. How about a 6-pack on this? Your place, our place or Vegas…..your call!
    Hey Jordy, where the heck are you when I need the support and your expertise? I know you have to be out there somewhere…

  4. Jan, I think the Limburgers are in tough. Sens too. The Habs might be the only Canadian team to advance. And maybe Jordy’s a Habs fan now.

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