11 thoughts on “Pre-Game Mini-Story”

  1. That’s absolutely disgusting Dennis.

    However, I did get my friend to eat a bowl of cereal with really old and lumpy milk, so no real judgement on my part.

    And just to clarify, he only took one bite.

  2. Phil, you’re right. It’s disgusting. I still feel sick thinking about it. Although it didn’t make me sick. Really gross.

  3. speaking of disgusting…….. thanks mr. montoya for the two points …….. so we don’t need any muscle on defence, eh jock??…… some one said today, kaberle+emelin= ka-boom, kaberle+campoli= ka-ca

  4. Dennis, you have to keep eating that green, lumpy, slimey mouldy maple syrup.

    It’s only because you ate it that the Habs are on a torrid two-game winning streak.

    Yum yum!

  5. Okay, Danno. I’ll take one for the team. Slimey, lumpy disgusting stuff before every game. Oh gawd.

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