Pre-Draft Pep Talk

The young guys are gathering in Pittsburgh for the big Entry Draft, and I’m sure they’re a nervous bunch. What if I don’t get chosen? they ask themselves. But fear not. Mathieu Darche, Raphael Diaz, Josh Gorges, Martin St. Louis, Adam Oates, Curtis Joseph, and heck, I’ll even throw these in – Nick Kypreos, P.J. Stock, and Mike Milbury, were never drafted either. Although I can understand about the last three.

Relax, have a nice lunch, and enjoy the ride. Eat what young, healthy 19 year old’s eat. Some low-fat yogurt, a healthy sampling of fruits and vegetables, and about 17 plates of spaghetti.

Number 3 pick, whoever you are, please do this – become a star quickly and make fans rise out of their seats, couches, and honeymoon beds. Lead the team to numerous victories, don’t bolt to the KHL, play for more than just money, be prouder than proud to wear the uniform of the Montreal Canadiens, be a leader, don’t be a hot dog, punch out Brad Marchand, don’t dive, don’t get into scraps in bars, don’t gamble, try not to smoke, play tough, don’t make any illegitimate children, find time for your fans, read books about the Rocket, honor thy father and thy mother, don’t talk or spit gobs during the national anthem (tiny spit is okay), and down the road be selected to the Hall of Fame.

That’s all we ask. Good luck in Pittsburgh.


8 thoughts on “Pre-Draft Pep Talk”

  1. I just did a tiny spit. You pretty much summed up all we hope for from the as-yet-unnamed 18-year-old we’ll all be expecting to save our team in October. Nice job.

  2. Thanks J.T. Good for you about the tiny spit. And you’re right, most of these guys are 18, not 19.

  3. Hey Dennis, Dont forget Mike Keane as well,he signed on with the Habs without being drafted.Yes a great pep,or prep talk Dennis,I hope the new Habs will read your blog and take it to heart.

  4. Derry, I remember hearing the story of Brad Bombadir. His junior coach Rick Hopper told me they went to the draft not expecting to be called, so Bombadir wore shorts and sandals and all that, and he was called. He didn’t expect it at all and he ended up winning a Cup with N.J.

  5. Yes Yves, the main thing is punching out Marchand. That and reading some books about the Rocket.

  6. Dennis

    The draft is a leap into uncertainty. When you are the owner I hope you are sensible and take out a warranty on that No. 1 pick.

    For a small consideration I can handle the admin on that leaving you free for the important back office stuff like looking after the players’ wives.

  7. Blue Bayou, I appreciate your offer to handle the admin, but you can’t do that from across the sea. You’ll have to move here, but it will mean missing Chelsea games. Do you mind?

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