Prairie Boy Wins Gold

Jon Montgomery of Russell, Manitoba won gold for Canada on Friday night in men’s skeleton.

My ex -in-laws come from Russell, a little town near the Saskatchewan border. You have to think there’s not a lot of skeleton tracks to practice on near the Manitoba-Saskatchewan border. I’d ask my in-laws but we don’t exactly carry on a lot of conversations nowadays.

Good for Jon! Canada just keeps on truckin’, with four gold, three silver, and one bronze, and many more to come I’m sure.

7 thoughts on “Prairie Boy Wins Gold”

  1. It’s good to hear him talk in the interviews. He’s well spoken, appreciative supportive with a excellent attitude.

  2. Hey Dennis;Sitting at the airpoprt in Vancouver,the Olympic experience is happening here really early in the morning.There are people dressed in Olympic garb and carrying Canada flags,I’m impressed.Going to be great game sunday.I get to watch the rest of the games on my 50 inch ,as the 20 inch in my apartment just doesnt cut it.Let’s go CANADA.

  3. Jon was awesome….he spoke like a true Canadian. I’m guessing that the reason he trains in Calgary is the lack of skeleton tracks in Russell, Sask. Go Canada Go!!!!

  4. And Jan, when I win a gold medal in gymnastics in 2012 I promise I’ll speak like a true Canadian too.

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