Practising In My Back Yard To Join The Canadiens

Walter Gretzky wasn’t the only one to make a backyard rink for his kid. Ernie Kane did too, and that’s me, practising like crazy to be a Hab, in our less-than-tony neighbourhood in Orillia. A few years later, when I was playing in an atom/tyke league, I smothered a puck with my knees just like I’d seen Doug Harvey do in a picture, which I still have. The difference was, Harvey smothered the puck in his end, and I smothered mine near the other team’s goal. I remember a man yelling from the stands, “Hey, wrong end!” And I remember hearing some other parents laughing. It’s stuck with me. Maybe it’s why I still have issues.



11 thoughts on “Practising In My Back Yard To Join The Canadiens”

  1. Those hockey parents can be rough on a kid ‘eh……some things don’t change much. As for your Habs…..well, they just aren’t like when we were younger. Now that Vanc. has come of age (and has true grit), it really is time for you to come on over to the blue-green-white side to sit down, watch the magic and really enjoy this play-off season. Whaddiya say??

  2. OK-OK… can’t say I haven’t tried. You’ve had way more lengthy play-off runs than I—so I’ll watch the magic unfold and enjoy this season’s run for the Cup. Go Canucks Go!

  3. Well Dennis, the ducks are doing pretty good….. so far for that prediction, what about them Canucks, and if I lose a point in my playoffs bet Ibecause of them Canadiens……I’ll just say I know where you live

  4. No one’s gone yet, Sandy. And geez, are those Canucks lucky. Sandy, you be nice to me. I was thinking that if I ever win the lottery, I’m takng you and Jan to McDonald’s for a Big Mac and small fries. No drink, though. So be nice. Cheer the Habs on, for goodness sakes.

  5. Good one Jim,& I’d pee on his Palm Tree !!!
    Cheers from the East,Les Canadiens Sont La !!!

  6. Haha,

    I played pick-up basketball when i was around 8. Since it was pick up, there were a bunch of older kids. The first basket i ever sank was on my own. I was wondering why nobody was trying to take the ball i away from me.

  7. I get what your saying now Dennis, I thought you meant there lucky to be ahead in there series with st.louis. I definitely cant argue with you there though, were real lucky/fortunate to have a goaltender of his caliber. All in all the team is really working well together right now though. Hope your habs bring it for the hometown tonight, im sure they will and i look forward to watching the game.

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