Practice Makes Perfect

While you were helping keep things going by working hard, Luci and I were at the Brossard barn to watch the Habs work out on the field and then on the ice.

Not once did Michel Therrien or Gerard Gallant call me down and ask for advice.

Why would that be?

Anyway, everyone seemed loose and in a good mood and I suppose that’s good.

Practice Notes:

Max wasn’t there.

Price likes to bug teammates by flipping pucks at them.

The lady at the coffee counter is quite attractive.



4 thoughts on “Practice Makes Perfect”

  1. Good report Dennis, except for one thing.

    Could you provide a video of the attractive lady at the coffee counter next time? 😆

  2. Perhaps the team should be working on the power play or, just as good, showing some intestinal fortitude?

  3. DK, this isn’t Park St. and you can’t skip to play some pool, but then again to watch a Hab’s practice that is all right in my humble view!

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