Power Struggles

On Tuesday, July 21, much of Powell River will be experiencing a scheduled BC Hydro power outage from 8 a.m to 6 p.m.

This is the notice we all got, and which has sent ripples of fear throughout.


An apocalypse. Total darkness, except that it’ll be during the day. Warm beer kegs, closed bars, thawed TV dinners, dripping ice cube trays, melted popsicles. No internet or television. For ten full hours we won’t even know what Donald Trump has said next.

But don’t worry about me. Unless you want to, of course.

Because of this power outage, I’d like to direct this to the Montreal Canadiens front office. If you try to email me about the stick boy job during these blacked-out hours on the 21st, I won’t get it because I’ll be cut off from the rest of civilization. The way pioneers were back in the 1980s, except they had TV then.

The best thing to do is phone. Or email me the next day. Or write me a letter like Sam did (except for the saying no part).

14 thoughts on “Power Struggles”

  1. And Christopher, businesses can’t open so staff everywhere will lose a day’s pay.

  2. DK, sounds like they had a seminar with our hydro supplier. When we had a lengthy power outage I called to ask how much longer till power would resume. I was told a transformer in Markham had shorted out, I said whats that got to do with us we live 10 km from the Pickering nuclear power plant. Oh but your area is supplied from Markham! I said that’s great we’re supplied iodine pills if there’s a breech at the plant close by and live with that risk but get our power from another grid,go figure what a bunch of friggin idiots! ????

  3. Well i guess it’s time to dust off an old book…take out the cooler…a good selection of BC brewed beer…a couple of bags of ice…a lounge chair or hammock …a nice shady area near the house…and chillax!
    Here in Ottawa when the power goes down…i unplug the computers…crack open a cold brewski, light a candle and crank up the old Victrola and spin some old Fats Waller
    78 rpms.

  4. Mike, because you live near a nuclear power plant, is that why your goldfish has three eyes?

  5. That’s what I’m forced to do, Ed. Just like the pioneers! But I don’t have a hammock, so that throws a wrench into things. It’s gonna be great, except for not having a hammock. And I just may dust off a book.

  6. Come on DK, that’s not the reason for the Goldfish’s third eye. I let the poor bugger swim in some of your very potentially lethal beer!

  7. My beer doesn’t cause three eyes, Mike. Although I haven’t looked in the mirror in ten years so maybe it did.

  8. And Christopher, not only does the beer make life worth living, it also removes mildew and moss from the outside of the house.

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