Powell River’s Big Honkin’ Christmas Tree

A logger in town, Julian Welp, whom I’ve shared cold ones with at the local pub on several occasions. climbed and decorated a huge tree in his backyard in Powell River, and he believes it might be the highest Christmas tree in Canada. The video below shows him getting it done.

Plus, you get to see, although briefly, beautiful Powell River from the top of the tree. I live just down the street a ways, close to the ocean.

9 thoughts on “Powell River’s Big Honkin’ Christmas Tree”

  1. It looks like one hell of a nice place to live. Totally up my alley.

    What a job on the tree though. I wouldn’t want to do it.

  2. Hats off to Julian Welp and his helper for their awesome work.

    Powell River seems to have some really fine people living there.

  3. powell river indeed has some fine people and passionate hockey fans. besides orillia it is also another good destination for hab relocation. instead of bringing the owner to the team, bring the team to the owner.

  4. This is kind of interesting…

    We have exactly the same amount of points as we had two years ago after 36 games played.

    If you recall, we squeaked into the playoffs that year and made it to the Eastern Conference Finals. (That guy called Halak had a lot to do with it)

    Here is where we stand right now:

    After 36 games:13-16-07 – for a total of 33 points

    This is 2009-10

    After 36 games: 15-18-03 – for a total of 33 points

    Stay tuned. Anything can happen.

  5. WOW! I’m afraid of heights. was getting dizzy just watching the video. Merry Christmas to you and yours Dennis!

  6. Darth, tree falling is a young man’s game. I couldn’t do it. And I’m also afraid of heights so it just wouldn’t be good. It’s great money though. Six figures.

  7. And Merry Chirstmas to you and yours, Moey. Thank you. My New Year’s resolution is to take off the pounds I’m presently putting on.

  8. Danno, I haven’t given up on them. I’ve seen them become a different team before in the New Year and I’m banking on it happening again.

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